1 in 3 Men Say They Do Not Have Any Friends At All, New Research Reveals

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  • Almost half (47%) of men do not talk openly with friends about their problems;
  • Nearly a third (27%) said they do not have any close friends or any friends at all; 
  • Two in three men aged 16-24 would rather be known as ‘short fused’ than ‘vulnerable’

Today, 1st November, marks the start of the worldwide, month-long, annual fundraiser known as Movember

It’s a campaign, organised by the Movember Foundation that aims to deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support programmes that enable men to live happier, healthier and longer lives. 

To launch the campaign, the foundation commissioned some new research looking at the potential causes of men dying prematurely, and in particular the social circles that men have around them. 

Nearly a third (27%) of the men who were surveyed said they did not have any close friends or any friends at all.

The research also revealed that almost two in three men aged 16-24 (67%) would prefer to be known for having a ‘short fuse’ than ‘vulnerable’, and almost half (47%) would rather speak to a salesman for half an hour than a counsellor; highlighting further the belief that men are reluctant to talk about their problems and feelings.  

A previous study from the University of Harvard ** has shown that the biggest indicator of long-term health and well-being is the strength of your relationships with family, friends and spouses. According to the study, having someone to rely on has many health benefits, including helping your nervous system relax, your brain stay healthier for longer, and reduces both emotional and physical pain. 

The Movember research also found men aren’t creating opportunities to meet up with their friends, for example; nearly two in five never go out for drinks (38%) or food (38%) with their close friends. Further to this when it comes to life challenges, only one in 10 (10%) of men go to family and friends for help when they face a challenge in life.

Owen Sharp, CEO of the Movember Foundation said: “Previous studies have proven that poor social connections have a negative impact on physical and mental health and this has to change.

This research profoundly reinforces why the work we’re doing at The Dadsnet is so crucial. Yet, I’d even go one step further and highlight the significantly greater stresses, strains, and pressures on dads from simply having children meaning that having that social group around you is even more critical. 

Week in, week out, we have conversation after conversation about suicide, mental health struggles, separation, depression, and anxiety. Dads opening up about how their feeling and how they’re struggling. We don’t do anything special, except provide a place for dads to talk to others. Some who are experiencing the same and some who have been there before. 

On top of this, we have over 70 local communities of dads meeting up with each other. Complete strangers will meet up for a beer, a kick about, a play in the park. Sometimes the topic of conversations are the kids, but sometimes not. 

It’s not rocket science, but it is going a long way to combatting these terrifying stats that the Movember research has today revealed. 

Today, more than we ever have before, we urge you to find a local community of like-minded dads near you, join it and start meeting people. If there isn’t one near you, start one. We’ll help and we can almost guarantee we can connect you with some close by. 

We’re huge fans of the Movember Foundation and think the work they’re doing is essential for men in the 21st Century. In the same manner, we believe the work we’re doing is essential for dads in the 21st Century. 

Movember’s annual month-long fundraiser calls on men across the UK to grow a moustache. The campaign aims to not only to raise awareness and funds, but to encourage men to connect with friends and create real change for men’s health.

** http://www.adultdevelopmentstudy.org/

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    Fantastic read.
    Agree with the principle of it being so simple and yet effective.

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