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10 Brilliant Baby Clothing Companies

I think you’ll agree that there is a huge, great big stereotype facing the modern dad. Well, there’s many in fact, but this is one that crops up more than others and for me, I’m working very hard to fight against it.

You know when a dad has dressed the baby!

My own sense of fashion isn’t that great in all honesty. My wife buys my clothes and does so in such a way that I can pull anything out the wardrobe and it will more than likely match. I am very grateful for this because, if it were down to me, there would inevitably be some blunders. This isn’t simply because I’m a man though. It’s because I’m not especially interested in fashion. (Obviously I want to look nice though!)

The same applies. Dads don’t dress the baby terribly because they’re dads and it’s inherent. It’s simply because the ones who dress their babies badly don’t really care about baby fashion.

I like baby clothes and I like dressing Ted to look nice. And since developing this interest, I’ve come across some wonderful clothing companies; some large chains but mainly smaller companies making truly gorgeous garments. So I want to show you 10 of my favourite baby clothing companies:

10 Brilliant Baby Clothing Companies, Bobux 650x650%, product-review%

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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