10 DIY Tips for the Busy Dad… Who Hates DIY!

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  1. Stephen

    Good tips and quite timely, too. I myself am guilty of not always following them, particularly the ones about proper preparation and taking my time (especially when it comes to drilling holes in walls…just don’t look behind my picture frames, OK?).

    In the coming weeks I have a couple of big jobs – hanging custom fit blinds and, much more scary, stripping, sanding and painting the stairs…

    I’m going to be charting my progress on my blog (well, as long as it’s not a complete disaster…)


    The Working Dad

    • Al Ferguson

      Good luck with the jobs Stephen. I’m just gonna pop over to your blog to take a look. :) What’s your job?

  2. Peter

    Stephen I definitely agree that Preparation is one of the most important things when it comes to DIY. The amount of times I’ve shot myself in the foot by not doing my prep properly is ridiculous really. Usually my downfall is not having the tolls for the job, I have angliatoolcentre.co.uk saved as bookmark so I never go into a job without the right equipment anymore. I also picked up a nifty site radio on the site so I can rock out in the loft when I’m putting up shelves too!!

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