10 Gadgets to Rule the world (or at least get you through a Saturday)

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Picture the scenario, its a Saturday, in fact, its THAT Saturday, the one where you bought your respective partner that SPA day, you know, the one which seemed ages away, only now its here. Only now its here on Cup Final day, (who books it on cup final day!?) and not only are you in charge of the little one, the house is also a mess. What do you do?

  1. Watch the Cup Final
  2. Clean the house
  3. Ensure baby doesn’t go into melt down

Don’t worry, you can do all three! *well you can if you have lots of money*

Similar to my favoured Top 10’s over on OneDadOneBlog, below are my Top 10 gadgets to help achieve the perfect Saturday…


Miele RX1 robot Vacuum

10. Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Lets face it, in-between playing peek-a-boo with your little one and the football, you are hardly going to have time to whizz round with a vacuum cleaner. The Miele Scout RX1 hoovers for you and even goes back to its base when it needs to recharge its batteries.

Cost – £699 – Source – John Lewis



9. Panasonic Viera TX-55AX630B TV – You’re going to need a super smart, 3D TV to watch the final on, after all, if you can’t be there in person, you might as well feel like you are. With this 4K TV it will really feel like you are close to the action… it even has PIP so if your little one likes to watch some baby TV, you can do this whilst still enjoying your match.

Cost – £999 – John Lewis



iBaby monitor

8. iHealth iBaby Video baby monitor – For when little one is asleep, no need to keep going up to check on them, this little beauty can not only be controlled by your phone or tablet, it even sends you an alert if your little one cries.

Cost £161.54iHealth iBaby Monitor for iPhone/iPod/iPad – Amazon





7. iKettle – whilst putting little one to bed, you notice its nearly time for your partner to come home, don’t worry, continue to sing sweet lullabies to your little one and use your mobile phone to pop the kettle on for her downstairs ready for her arrival (who say Men can’t multi-task).

Cost £99 – Source – Firebox




Husky Retro Fridge

6. Husky Retro Fridge – this little bad boy will not only look stylish in your living room thanks to is 50s inspired design but also doubles up as ideal storage for the snacks both you and your baby need during the match. Available in Red, Black and Ivory.

£475.00 – Source – Husky Retail



Hive Heating

5. Hive – you notice its getting a little cold but penalty shoot out is just about to begin. Well with Hive you can control your thermostat using your phone, genius!

Cost – £199.99 – Source – British Gas




Fisher Price Smart Swing

4. Fisher Price Smart Swing – Baby wakes up during the first half? Don’t worry, you can control the rocking motion of the smart swing using your phone or tablet.

Cost – TBC – Source – Fisher Price




Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

3. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – Making a bottle up for your little one and waiting for it to cool is can feel like forever, with the perfect prep, a bottle can be made up and ready within two minutes thanks to this neat gadget. Now available in stylish black too.

Cost – Around £89.99 – Source – Toys r Us




iPhone 6

2. Apple iPhone 6 – You may have noticed that most of the gadgets above require an Apple iPhone so it goes without saying you’ll need one of these… a necessity rather than a nicety ;-)

Cost From £539 – Source – Apple


Gro Pro Hero 4 Black

1. Go Pro Hero 4 Black – Come on you have just managed to super multi task your way through the day and we Daddies need to disprove the myth that men can’t multi task, having a Gro-Pro means you can video it all in glorious 4K and who knows, if your a daddy blogger like me, you can even vlog it :-)


So you’ve done it… easy… well it would if you haven’t had to stump up nearly £4000 to do it….oh and in case your wandering, your team lost on penalties and now your in a mood.. your partner has a fab day though :-)


*This scenario was written in jest but do you have any gadgets which help you through your day? Please leave your comments below….

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  1. amherbert

    Oh I so want most of these!! Not sure about iPhone though. I do like my androids.

    • Jim Flowers

      Ditto! Whats your favourite? I can’t split it but I’d love a Go Pro as I want to take more video’s but I’d also love an iKettle or Robot Vacuum

  2. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    Haha funny! the husband always manages to clean more than me when I go off for the day!

    Though I did read an article in the news about a robot vacuum attacking a woman who was asleep on the floor….. at least no chance of naps with babies around!

    • Jim Flowers

      I’m the same Laura, always rushing around like a mad man when Mrs F is out for the day… almost in an attempt to show her how well I cope…. the only problem is for the next few days I’m rendered useless when it catches up with me.

      As for the vacuum incident, I read that too. I would say that clearly the Vacuum wanted to be efficient and maybe the lady on the floor was just hindering this. Beds or sofa’s are for sleeping on so in this case, I’d have to side with the Vacuum ;-)

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