10 Gadgets to Rule the world (or at least get you through a Saturday)

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  1. amherbert

    Oh I so want most of these!! Not sure about iPhone though. I do like my androids.

    • Jim Flowers

      Ditto! Whats your favourite? I can’t split it but I’d love a Go Pro as I want to take more video’s but I’d also love an iKettle or Robot Vacuum

  2. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    Haha funny! the husband always manages to clean more than me when I go off for the day!

    Though I did read an article in the news about a robot vacuum attacking a woman who was asleep on the floor….. at least no chance of naps with babies around!

    • Jim Flowers

      I’m the same Laura, always rushing around like a mad man when Mrs F is out for the day… almost in an attempt to show her how well I cope…. the only problem is for the next few days I’m rendered useless when it catches up with me.

      As for the vacuum incident, I read that too. I would say that clearly the Vacuum wanted to be efficient and maybe the lady on the floor was just hindering this. Beds or sofa’s are for sleeping on so in this case, I’d have to side with the Vacuum ;-)

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