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With Real Nappy Week 2018 in its fourth day, I thought I would write my first article as part of The Dad Network Editorial Team to share 10 reasons why I think every parent should give reusable nappies a go….

It Will Save You Money!

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I’m pretty sure every parent would love to know smart ways they can reduce the cost of raising children, so you’ll be pleased to know that by switching from disposables to reusable nappies will save you over £500 a year! How I hear you ask?

The average upfront cost one would expect to pay for a full time reusable nappy kit bundle is £295.00 compared to approximately £875.00 when purchasing disposable nappies. Should you decide to pass down the nappies to a younger sibling(s), there are even bigger savings to be made.

There Will Be No Chemicals Or Irritants Next To Your Babys Bum

You can rest assured that no chemicals or irritants in the form of synthetic ingredients, parables, dyes etc will be found in reusable nappies as opposed to disposable ones, for they are all made with natural fabric.

Cloth Nappies Are Made With Natural Fabrics

Following on from the last point, cloth nappies are made with natural fabric such as bamboo, microfiber, 100% terry cotton, hemp or charcoal making them kinder to your precious little one’s skin.

It Is Better For The Environment

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For those that may be eco-conscious and are looking to do their bit to make the world we live in a better place. By switching from disposables nappies to reusable ones you could potentially make a 40% carbon saving.

FUN FACT: UK Families are sending approximately 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill every year costing local authorities and taxpayers annually £32 million! (food for thought!)

It Promotes Zero Waste

DID YOU KNOW... Disposable nappies take 500 years to actually break down? Shocking statistics I am sure you’ll agree? By trying or even switching to reusable nappies full or part-time promotes zero waste.

Greatly Reduces Awful Smells!

There is no question, baby and toddler nappies smell, especially single-use disposal nappies from the chemicals contained to make them. With the mini heatwave parts of the UK experienced last week and in height of the summer months where the weather is much warmer, one cannot overlook the fact of numerous poo filled disposable nappies are being stocked up in wheelie bins awaiting collection.

Given that most councils tend to collect waste every fortnight, imagine the stench building up from 35-50 disposable nappy changes per household (an eye-watering smell don’t you think?).

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: We as adults do not throw our own stools in the bin, we flush them down the loo whenever we pass a bowel movement using the toilet so why should our babies and toddlers poo be different in the way we dispose of the them?

By using reusable nappies, you will be protecting your nostrils and everyone else’s by flushing the majority of the poo down the loo (where it belongs) and storing your soiled reusable nappies in an airtight bin ready for the wash.

Some Local Councils Have Incentives For Giving Cloth Nappies A Go

If you are an existing reusable nappy user expecting a subsequent child or have never used cloth nappies before and would like to try them out before committing to make the switch or not, then it is worth checking if your local council currently offer incentives for trying cloth nappies such as providing one with a starter pack, a redeemable voucher or cash back on reusable nappies purchased. More details on which councils partake in such schemes can be found by visiting Fill Your Pants website.

Available In An Array Of Gorgeous Colours And Prints

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Now I know what you’re thinking. What is the point if no one will actually see your baby’s bottom but the truth is the array of stunningly beautiful colours and prints reusable nappies are available in really does brighten up one’s day!

As they get older you can use them for educational purposes to help them master skills such as colour sorting, identifying shapes, animals, patterns, and numbers. The possibilities are endless. Word of caution… building up a stash can become very addictive!

Real Nappy Week 2018 Deals With Brands and Retailers

I will conclude this article by sharing some of the fantastic deals and discounts from some of my FAVOURITE brands and retailers across the reusable nappy industry during Real Nappy Week 2018.

  • Welsh Ethical Retailer Babi Pur is currently offering various discounts across their reusable nappy range and are even throwing in fabulous eco freebies with most orders made as an incentive. This is one of my go-to online retailers whenever I need to stock up on essential ethical products or to buy a gift.
  • Trusted British brand Close Parent are currently offering a 20% discount on all reusable nappies, bundles, and accessories.
  • Another personal favourite is British brand Tots Bots who are currently offering customers 20% discount on their reusable nappy range. I personally love their Easyfit  Star AIO (all in one) nappies as it was one of the most nappies I used on rotation when Eco was in cloth from birth to 22 ish months (currently attempting toilet training). My review of the Easyfit Stars can be found by clicking HERE.

I hope you have found this article; 10 reasons why you should give reusable nappies a go useful. If you have any questions regarding washing, daily/night time routines or the brands I use to be sure to leave a comment and I will reply back.

Until next time x

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