10 Signs Your Partner May Be Pregnant

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It probably hasn’t even crossed your mind, but maybe, just maybe your partner is pregnant!

Pregnancy signs

Spotting the signs of pregnancy isn’t one of mans fortes. There aren’t many of us keeping tabs on her monthly cycle and so that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you spot the signs of early pregnancy. Trust me, the earlier you know, the more prepared you can be and you know what they say, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”

  1. Sore boobs. (Hers, not yours) Breast tissue is extremely hormone sensitive making them swell and feel heavier. I know what you’re thinking, sods law!
  2. Cramps. This is a tough one because she probably has cramps each month anyway. The sign to look out for, and not easy because, like I said, you’re probably not keeping tabs, but these cramps will be out of sync for the 4 week cycle.
  3. Fatigue. I don’t mean that she just wants an early night, I mean she is actually exhausted, even after a good nights sleep or restful day. The baby starts sucking calories from her straight away, leaving her feeling shattered.
  4. Sickness. Morning sickness is an obvious sign, but also a slight myth in that nausea isn’t confined to just the morning. Don’t be fooled if she’s puking up in the evening or afternoon; it could be pregnancy.
  5. Bloating. Obviously, she will eventually start showing a small bump at around 12 weeks but bloating can happen sooner. If you notice her struggling to get her jean button done up, grab a pregnancy test. (But go about this one sensitively: I still have the scars!)
  6. Peeing. Your 30 minute car journey’s might be being interrupted for a toilet break! Pregnancy alarm bells will start ringing. This only gets worse through pregnancy by the way.
  7. Snacking. One day you’ll head down the snack cupboard to grab something to take to work and they’ll be nothing there. You’ll turn round and see her standing nearby with chocolate crumbs around her mouth denying any involvement… She’s probably pregnant.
  8. Headaches. Actual headaches! Not the kind you dread when you come to bed. The increase in blood volume may trigger tension headaches.
  9. Constipation. Try your best to never spot this sign. Best just to avoid, but if it smacks you in the face and you simply can’t avoid it, it could be pregnancy.
  10. Mood Swings. Yup. The worst sign of all. But, whilst it can be tricky to deal with at least you know it has nothing to do with you, it wasn’t your fault and she isn’t actually cross with you. Well, almost.


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  1. John Adams

    Pretty comprehensive list there. Don’t think I could add anything else!

  2. Choco

    The trigger for my wife was that water began to taste bitter and she felt ‘electric shocks’ in her stomach.

    However I may have removed number 10 from the list as ‘Mood Swings’ are a constant in our house :)

    Great list and very funny


  3. Aaron

    Don’t forget the crying about nothing (more than usual) and the immediate hate of anything you try to cook!

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