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10 Smart preparations to do now, to enjoy Christmas later

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 14/10/2015

I’m not scrooge but I’ve just never been that fussed about Christmas. It’s always seemed a lot of stress and I could never understand why anyone would create their own stress. If it’s going to be nothing but stressful, don’t invite 16 relatives round for Christmas dinner!

My outlook on Christmas has shifted slightly in recent times though. Since having Ted, Christmas has a new meaning. It’s now about creating a wonderful, magical time for him. With this new mentality, I want to minimilise the festive holiday stress as much as possible and having the organised wife I do, there are a few things we’re doing now to make Christmas more enjoyable when it comes.

Christmas Preparations

  1. Start buying gifts now – Not only will you avoid the Christmas rush in town, but also prices won’t yet be inflated. (Too much!)

2. Make the arrangements with relatives now. This way everyone will be able to get over the fact that you have invited the hated relative and logistics can be sorted in good time.

3. Write your cards now – I don’t think I have ever personally sent a Christmas card but the wife is into it, so she’s getting them done now. It also gives you time to take your family photo and get the cards printed.

4. Set your budget. SkintDad will be proud of me! Make a budget for all the people you ‘have’ to buy for and then more importantly stick to it. Shop around online for the best deals. Here’s a couple of sites that always have competitive prices and a great selection of gifts. (Especially gifts for him!)

5. Linked with the above, make lists.

6. Start baking things to freeze. I have no idea what by the way, but I’ve read about things like, mince pies and ginger bread.

7. Buy your wrapping, unless you’re ultra savvy and bought it all in the previous January sales! Wrapping paper can be so expensive but this year I found out that tissue paper is much cheaper and looks like you’re very thoughtful for making the wrapping pretty!

8. Shop online now because you will need time for the delivery (and everything slows down at Christmas) plus, if you need to return anything for some reason, you’ll have time to do so. Some of the cheapest and best places, I found, to shop for Christmas are:

9. Linked to No.8, wrap as you go. As and when presents arrive in the post wrap them up there and then. This is one of the most time consuming jobs so to get the bulk of it done as you go will save so much time and stress.

10. Double check you’ve got the whisky for erm… Santa *ahem

If you get all of these things done and dusted out the way, time with the kids will be in abundance and Christmas will be so much more enjoyable.

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  1. Dean

    Poundland, Poundland, Poundland!

    Or 99p shop.

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