10 Things They Didn’t Warn You About Before Becoming A Dad

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There’s so much that we weren’t told and now know.

The Dadsnet Community recently shared all the things they weren’t warned about before stepping into fatherhood. With well over a 100 comments made – it would seem that there’s a hell of a lot Dads weren’t warned about!

We gathered the best (and actually printable) comments below to give you guys: 10 Things They Didn’t Warn You About Before Becoming A Dad.

10. Every so often, you won’t feel good enough as a father, partner and rock.
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The fear and sense of impending mortality that comes with never feeling like you’re “good enough” as a parent is surprisingly normal.

9. Sex would become one of the hardest things to achieve.

“Hi Daddy! Why are you naked? Is Mommy ok?”

8. The Poo-nami.

Turns out it’s pretty common for babies to go over a week with out going, and then releasing a stinking explosion of poo that no nappy can contain.

Just remember, baby vests can be taken off by pulling the neck wide and taking it down over the body instead of up over the head. And don’t be afraid to just cut it off with a pair of scissors.

7. That it’s the best feeling when they cry and it’s you they want above anyone else.

Bring it in, little one.

6. No one ever warns you about Post Natal Depression and the signs.

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That’s before you even get onto the subject of male PND.

5. That you can no longer watch movies about kids being lost, kidnapped or dying, because it is just too raw and uncomfortable.

4. Bathrooms are no longer private.

Morning constitutionals always end up being rudely interrupted.
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3. How annoying car seats can be.

You’ll spend 20 minutes in the car park, wrestling with buckles, straps and flailing legs.

2. The number of times you will say the word ‘no’ in the first 3 years of your child’s life.


That and yelling their name.

1. Suddenly realising that all of it, everything…is not about you any more.

You’ll also end up giving endless rides.
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Your purpose now on this Earth is to do everything you possibly can for the tiny dribbling person that keeps you awake at night. You are no longer an individual in your own right – you are a Dad!

For some more guidance on the issues raised in this article please follow the links below.




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  1. Chris Marchant

    Couldn’t agree more numbers 5,6 and 10 are the real ones here as you don’t even see it coming!

  2. David

    What a crock of shit this list was, false cliche after lazy cliche not a single jot of insight here

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