10 Things you won’t remember but I’ll never forget

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Things you won't remember but I'll never forget

Ted is 1 year old today. It has gone like the wind. And I’m talking wind from an EF5 tornado! It feels like this was only yesterday we were getting the nursery ready, filling his wardrobe, packing the hospital bag and dashing out in the middle of the night to the labour ward. But instead, a whole 365 days have gone past and here I am. The past 52 weeks are now permanently imprinted in my memory.

Thinking about it, memories are funny things. We cling on to them, and rightly so, but that’s all they are; distant emotions that linger in the backs of our brains. Some good and some bad. Some that have a profound impact on our future and some that have no effect whatsoever.

Thinking back to this year with Ted is nothing but wonderful memories though. These memories have shaped me in to the dad I am right now and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

I think back to my earliest memories, however, and they’re certainly not from my first year as a baby. Whilst Ted’s first year will never leave me, he won’t remember a thing about it. I’m not sure how this makes me feel to be honest. I wish that he had memories as fond as I do of this past year. Knowing that he won’t though, is a good reason to blog. This post in particular can tell him about the things he won’t remember, but that I will never forget.

#1 I’ll never forget when I put you in your car seat to bring you home from the hospital. You were tiny and so delicate. I couldn’t believe it and I was petrified of driving with you. I was the slowest and most careful driver on the road that day.

#2 I’ll never forget the first night at home with you. You were actually pretty good at sleeping then but it went downhill from there. It was nothing less than a pleasure being woken up by you though… for that night at least!

#3 I’ll never forget seeing your first smile at me. If there’s one thing that will stay with me forever, it’s that.

#4 I’ll never forget the walks we go on together. Usually with Grandad, we go out in the carrier for long walks. Sometimes you sleep, sometimes you listen to the birds and try and see where the sound comes from and sometimes you just like being close to me. Rain or shine, we’ll continue to do this till you’re a spotty teenager and refuse.

#5 I’ll never forget when you rolled over. I was so excited I screamed like a girl. We’d practised for a long time and I could see the determination in your face; you were ready!

#6 I’ll never forget the first day we had together. Mummy had some time to herself and it was a boys day. We’re both still here in one piece, so I deem it a success.

#7 I’ll never forget the first time you were poorly. Your eyes were streaming with tears and your nose blocked one minute and runny the next. Your sleep pattern went to pieces and you wouldn’t be put down. Seeing you poorly is the hardest thing. Try not to do it again.

#8 I’ll never forget the first time you slept through the night and the first time you slept until 0730. On both occasions, it was like Christmas.

#9 I’ll never forget your first steps. Proud daddy or what! That’s my boy!

#10 I’ll never forget every single night that I’ve said goodnight to you, kissed you on your head and wished you a peaceful nights sleep.

The list could go on.  Every moment I spend with you becomes a treasured memory the second it passes. I’ve loved this first Year, Ted, and I won’t forget any of it. I promise you that I have #cherishedeverymoment

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  1. Mum2Ellese

    Love this story
    First year is amazing, my LO is just 6 months so have lots more to come of “first times” ♥

  2. Beingmummyx

    Such a lovely post. I have to agree it is sad to think they won’t remember a single memory of their first year which is just so special, but at least we do. I guess that’s when blogging and photographing come in handy. I hope Ted had a wonderful first birthday. X

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you! Exactly, hopefully he’ll be able to read the blog in a few more years.

  3. Gemma

    Great post. It totally sums up the memories of your child’s first year. I’ve nearly really thought about how they don’t remember but everything you’ve done for teddy shapes him as a toddler as a teenager as an adult so somewhere in that brain unsubconciously he will remember! :)

  4. Wade

    Love this list! My son is only 4 months old and am trying to take it all in as we move forward together.

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