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10 Top Pregnancy Apps for Mums & Dads to Be

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Having a baby marks the beginning of a lifetime of parenting, but a pregnancy can be tough on your body, your home life and your state of mind. Fortunately, there are a few mobile apps in the market that can help you stay positive, in shape and ready for the rigours of both childbirth and parenthood.

  1. My Pregnancy Center

This app is a great source of information that you can use for reference at different stages of your pregnancy. You can find out about your baby’s development through a series of informational videos, and there are nutrition guides aimed at keeping you at your healthiest throughout your pregnancy. There is also a growth widget and a development calendar which both allow you to monitor your growing baby’s progress.

  1. 50,000 Baby Names

Choosing a baby’s name can be one of the more difficult decisions to make during a pregnancy. Instead of trawling through countless baby name books and performing search after search on the Internet, use the 50,000 Baby Names app to give you a little inspiration. This extensive app also includes information on the meaning of every name in the database.

  1. Kiqplan Healthy and Goodbye Baby Bump

It is vitally important to both your health and that of your baby that you look after your general health during pregnancy. The Kiqplan Goodbye Baby Bump app is a 12-week programme that helps you to get back in shape after you’ve had your baby. Compatible with most major mobile devices and activity trackers, this digital health and fitness programme includes workout videos, nutritious recipes and lifestyle tips.

Your calorie consumption, sleeping patterns and activity levels are all monitored, and you’re given goals to work towards throughout the programme. Achieve your goals, and you’ll be rewarded with achievement badges; fall a little short, and you’ll be given the advice and feedback you need to get you back on track. If you’re looking to get back into shape after you’ve had your baby, this is the app for you.

  1. I’m Expecting

The I’m Expecting app is designed to make those first few months of motherhood as smooth and problem-free as possible. You can interact with other mothers at the same stage of pregnancy, keep a scrapbook of your baby bump photos and get answers to your questions on the aches, pains and health issues that often go hand in hand with having a baby.

  1. iPregnancy

The iPregnancy app is a treasure trove of information and practical advice on pregnancy and the early days of motherhood. The app includes tips for mothers and their partners, as well as a function that allows you to store ultrasound pictures of your unborn bay. You can store information from each of your antenatal appointments, and share details of your pregnancy via Twitter and Facebook.

  1. My Labor Bags

The My Labor Bags app allows you to organise everything you will need for childbirth. You can list the essential items you will need for childbirth by category, and you’ll also be given tips on what should be in your bag. The journal feature allows you to record your pregnancy memories for posterity.

  1. iContraction

The iContraction app allows you to track the frequency and severity of your contractions towards the end of your pregnancy. It will also store a record of your baby’s movements. This information can be used to keep track of your baby’s health, and let you know when your baby’s arrival is imminent.

  1. My Baby’s Beat

The My Baby’s Beat app utilises a mobile phone’s microphone to pick up the beat of your baby’s heart. It is possible to record the heartbeat and share it with the world on Facebook or via email. You can also store your baby’s heartbeat recordings chronologically for posterity.

  1. mPregnancy

The majority of the resources aimed at making the most of pregnancy are aimed at mothers, by the mPregnancy app is designed to give male partners useful advice and information. Men are given ideas on a range of issues, including the decoration of a nursery and what to look for from a pushchair. There is also useful advice on how to support a pregnant mother throughout childbirth.

  1. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator app is a simple program that calculates an accurate due date based on the exact start date of your last menstruation period. The app also allows you to calculate the likely date of conception.

Pregnancy and labour should be exciting and wondrous times in your life. With a little help from these innovative mobile apps, there’s a chance that you can enhance these experiences yet further.


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    So glad I read this! Going to get ‘My Baby’s Beat’! We have a monitor that we got from a friend but it’s not very good.

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