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Flexible working for dads

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A lot of Dads wish they could make their work situation more flexible but it’s not always obvious what options are out there. Thankfully there are a number of options for flexible working for dads. Not every type of flexible work is right for all parents, but with so many different ways to adjust the working week to suit our needs, there might be a solution that you have not yet considered. 

Take a look at this list and see if something suits you. If so, talk to your boss or HR department to arrange a better way of working. Being able to see more of your family and improve your work-life balance is key. 


Flexible working for dads


Options for flexible working for dads


Job sharing 

Two people share the work and pay of a single full-time job. If you don’t mind the cut in pay and you know someone willing and qualified to share, this is a great option. Your boss gets the work that they need from you and doesn’t have to train up someone new. 


Working a set amount of core hours from the office (such as 10 til 3pm in order to do the school run). Then doing the remainder remotely later, after the kids go to sleep.


Working where makes sense for you. This might be from home, so you don’t have to use up child-free time with commuting. 

One-off flex 

This is great as an emergency option for flexible working for dads. Being able to take time for a school play, to look after a sick partner or even to do something for yourself. The idea is that you simply make up the time at another point.


Bespoke working hours to meet your needs. Night owls might work an 11pm til 7am day, for instance.


Flexible working for dads



You work a four-day week, for example, but get paid for a 4.5-day week. When needed, the company book you in and ‘cash in’ the banked time. 

Term-time flex 

Full-time during term-time, off in the holidays. This option for flexible working for dads allows you to save on childcare costs (which can often make it not worth working) and spend more quality time with your family.

Compressed hours 

Working the equivalent of full-time hours, but squashed into fewer days. This leaves you free to look after kids, sort out life admin or simply to rest. 

Annualised hours 

You work an agreed number of hours over the year, with flexibility about when exactly you do them. So, you could work three days a week normally, upping to four or five when it’s busier.

Phased retirement 

Older workers can reduce hours gradually, before transitioning to full-time retirement. This provides more free time as you head towards the end of your working life. 


Have you use any of these flexible working for dads options? Tell us how it works in the Comments


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