11 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts for Babies

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Call me scrooge if you like, but I used to find it very difficult to get my head round buying Christmas presents for a baby of only a few months old. They don’t even know it’s Christmas so why bother spending money on them? My mentality was to save the money, add it to your allocated ‘wife’ budget and get her something a little extra… who knows, she might even do the same for you and you might end up with that speed boat you’ve been after!

At the very least, buy practical! Stock up on nappies or Sudocrem or muslins or wipes or baby grows. Unwrapping a pack of Pampers isn’t the most exciting, but you wouldn’t even need to wrap it!

However, as I said, this used to be my way of thinking…

Now I have the boy and my attitude seems to have shifted somewhat! I now want to buy him everything! I don’t even care that he doesn’t have the first idea of what Christmas is, let alone the fact he can’t use half the stuff I want to buy!

And that is a tricky thing… once you’re over the fact that you are going to buy your 3 month old some Christmas presents, what do you buy them? A bike? Lego? I just don’t know… so I did some research and compiled a list of 11 most wanted Christmas gifts for babies. With just over a month and a half to go, it probably is the time to start thinking about presents. This might help.


Lost My Name Story Book

Lost my name


RRP £18.99

The Lost My Name story books are the genius creation of 3 friends last year. It’s the most comprehensive and successful personalised story book on the market and we really love it. (We do already have one…) With a super easy to use website and swift delivery, this is a great gift for you baby. Although they can’t enjoy reading it themselves, being read to at this early stage is really important. So why not read them a story about their own name?


Rainbow In My Room Night-light

NIght Light


RRP £24.95

We came across this on the web and it grabbed the ‘techy’ side to me, albeit a very small side! I’ve never really understood why you’d have a night-light in a room that you’re trying to get your baby to sleep in! Surely the darker the room, the easier it is to sleep… anyway… having said that, this is a cool toy. The boy loves going to sensory class and looking at lights, so even if we just used this as a sensory toy during the day, I think it could be well worth it. Reasonably priced we thought too!

Get one now!

 Bubble MachineBubble

RRP £8.78

The boy loves watching bubbles when he’s at his sensory classes so this is an obvious present for him. It should also have a bit of longevity in it as bubble machines, so long as they’re good quality can bridge age gaps pretty well. At 5 months old, he’ll enjoy it but I’m sure his 4 year old cousin will too.

Buy it here

Toms Tiny Classic, Skull Chambray Exclusive


RRP £13 (Currently)

I don’t like fashion especially, and I rarely like fashion on babies. (I do sound really grumpy don’t I?) Anyway, we saw these and thought they were very cute. The real pull factor though was the fact they are currently £13 rather than £25.99! They’d have to be gold plated before I’d even consider spending that kind of money… But for a cute novelty item… they’re a winner.

Shop at Office



Natures Purest Hug-me Bear bath robe & Slippers

Bath Robe

RRP £26.90

Ok, don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say but after bathing the boy I wrap him up in a bath towel and that moment is simply the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s cosy, warm, snug and delicious! So, for me, this bathrobe is just the next step. It says it’s suitable from birth, so I guess it just acts as a towel, but as they grow bigger it becomes a full bath robe. What a great present idea!

Buy it on Amazon



Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers


RRP From around £3.50

Leg warmers for babies are fast becoming quite popular and I can see why. Whilst they off warmth & protection once crawling commences, they are also perfect for changing nappies and removing quickly if you need to. What a genius idea! You get them from so many different places, so it’s worth looking round.

Buy some here


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace



RRP From around £8

As with anything baby, teething offers it’s own wives tales and hocus pocus remedies for ailments. Apparently Baltic Amber has the power to create an easy teething experience. I’m not here to debate whether it’s true or not, and in all honesty, I’d be willing to try anything, but they certainly look pretty cool! This would make a nice looking gift as well as having extra (apparent) benefits.

Shop here

Harrods Steiff Sleep Well Bear Music Box



RRP £47.95

I had to include something for those wealthy among us! And in actual fact, as far as Steiff bears usually go… this is pretty good going. We found it and thought that it would be a nice present. I wouldn’t get this as a toy but more a sentimental, special gift to mark the first Christmas. This one has the added bonus of playing music. A nice distraction while changing a nappy I’ve found!


Self Aware Baby T-Shirt / Grow



RRP £16.95

Zazzle is a website that provides a wealth of humorous and sensible gift ideas. None less than this hilarious baby grow. It was only the other day that I said to my beautiful wife how I wonder whether the boy has absolute coherent understanding of what was going on around him, just restrained by the body of a baby. Turns out I was wondering right!


Traditional Christmas Stocking



RRP £12.55

Your baby’s first Christmas demands your baby’s first stocking….! Shop around, but we found this one on Mamasandpapas. I can’t work out whether we should wrap it up to open on Christmas day or before so it can be used… Life throws some pretty tricky decisions at you sometimes!


Organic Wooden Teether


RRP £7.50

It would be hard to talk about Christmas presents and gifts and not mention Not On The High Street! So here you go, other than their vast array of personalised baby paraphernalia, we found this organic teether. We liked it because again it not only acts as a teether but also helps your baby develop their grip. Fun and educational!


So there you have it! 11 of our favourite Christmas presents to buy a baby!

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