11 family films that should come with a nightmare warning

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Don't miss a thing

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  1. Isaac

    They never told Drew Barrymore in ET that he was a puppet or what was going to happen to him. Her reactions were real and must have scarred her for life.

    The Bridge to Terabithia must be included. It’s exemption can only mean you haven’t watched it. I won’t spoil it…the director does a good enough job. #traumatised for life.

  2. Tina

    We love Studio Ghibli films. They are all pretty scary for kids the first few times! But they are the BEST films.
    Spirited away, Laputa, princess monoke. I haven’t let my boys watch grave of the fire flies…

  3. missdv

    DOT AND THE KANGAROO was one of the scariest things I ever watched, I can still remember how scared I was about the ghost that came out of the caves. Contains racial profiling, child getting lost in a forest, super emotional attachment and loss and some scarey characters. Bizarrely, no-one I ever met from Australia has watched it, they just exported their horror movies.

  4. Genevieve

    Return to oz, first film I saw at cinema and had to be taken out of, the wheelers were and still are terrifying!

  5. NickyP

    The only film to ever give me nightmares…. and I have watched every horror film including R rated….. is Arachnophobia (PG) and it still does. ? ?

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