11 reasons why my wife is an amazing mum, 2310 2Bthings21%, %

11 reasons why my wife is an amazing mum

11 reasons why my wife is an amazing mum, 2310 2Bthings21%, %

One of the hardest jobs on the planet has to be, being a mum. I’ve never been one, nor will I ever be one, but from what I have observed, it’s bloody hard work. And the truth is that the wife is an amazing mum for 101+ reasons… but rather than list 101+ reasons, I have taken the time to congeal them in to just 11. I think that it’s important that it is recognised, celebrated and encouraged.

So here you go:

#1 She never complains about getting up during the night; and rarely complains about me not getting up.

#2 She dresses the boy in matching clothes making him look gorgeous.

#3 She is patient with me when teaching me about dressing the boy in matching clothes. Turns out we can only have 3 colours at a time! And Cream and white are NOT the same.

#4 She is patient with me when I leave dirty nappies in small bundles, dotted around the house.

#5 She feeds him relentlessly

#6 She cares for him lovingly, tenderly and gently.

#7 She teaches him – even now at this early age.

#8 She protects him fiercely.

#9 She supports and encourages me, even when I A) do something stupid, B) make a mistake and C) when I think I’m right, but we both know I’m not.

#10 She pours out her time just for him and puts herself second in everything.

#11 She still agrees to coming out on dates with me.

I think it’s fair to say that, the wife, the boy’s mum, receives and official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 and our award of recommendation.

11 reasons why my wife is an amazing mum, photo 2B221%, %

11 reasons why my wife is an amazing mum, Dad 2BNetwork 2Bbadge 2Bstars11%, %


  • Awww…this is the loveliest blog I have ever read…i’m sure you have boosted a lot of mums reading this! I award you a 5 star dad award for writing this blog! BOOM! ;)

  • Thank you. So important to say. I accept the award with thanks!! ; )

  • Haha! That’s awesome… Serious, hilarious, loving and down to earth…
    The absolutely only point I would put into question is the first… If she’s up at night, and you’re not …Are you absolutely sure she’s not complaining while you sleep? ;-)
    Definitely 5/5 – and you’re doing a fantastic job recognizing it :-D

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