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How to Celebrate New Year with Children

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Published on 30/12/2021

We know we’re not the only ones excited to say goodbye to 2021. Here are 10 ideas for a New Year’s celebration at home that the whole family can enjoy.


1. Host a fancy dinner for them

A really nice way is to celebrate the New Year is to crack out the fancy china and get your kids to host a fancy dinner.  Get your kids to help by giving everyone a job from helping to create the menu, to laying the table and pouring drinks.   You could also use this as an opportunity to eat traditional New Year’s dishes from around the world.  In Spain, they eat 12 grapes to bring in the New Year which is a fun and easy one for little kids!


2. Family sleepover 

Make a fun pillow fort in the living room and camp there for the night!  Let the kids pick out snacks for the night!  Choose some movies and have fun seeing who can stay awake till midnight.  Netflix also has countdowns so midnight can happen at any time of the evening.


3. Dance party

Have a dance party. Create a playlist of favorites and while you dance the night away, have a balloon pop countdown.

4. Create a bucket list for 2022

Get a big sheet of paper and have everyone write down family goals for the New Year.  This could be places to visit, things to do or just getting outside more?  Stick it up in the kitchen or a place where it will be seen by everyone.


5. Celebrate another country’s New Year

If your kids are all too young to make it to midnight, then why not choose another country to celebrate!  Set your clocks to a different time and stay up till them.  You could decorate with themed decorations and cook food from that country. Some countries have great New Year’s traditions! You could choose Greece where it’s their custom to serve Vasilopita (New Year’s Cake) at midnight. In Italy, they throw old furniture out the window! You can have your own “out with the old and in with the new” fun by doing some furniture swapping and purging.


6. Get outside

Start 2022 by getting some fresh air and outside.  Lots of people go for a swim on New Years day, but if you have little children this can be a bit too chilly.  Why not go on a walk with the family or go ice skating?  Any amount of time spent outside has tremendous benefits, so why not start the year off with a healthy frame of mind?


7. Do all your favourite things!

Why not spend the last day of the year doing all of your family’s favourite things!  You can eat your favourite foods, wear your favorite clothes or read your favorite books.  Try and do a mix of everyone’s favourite things to keep it interesting and fun.


8. Attend a New Year’s event 

Some places host celebrations throughout the day of December 31st for little kids who can’t make it up till midnight.  Expect a countdown to noon, ball drop, dancing and more!


9. Look back to look forward

Before the clock strikes midnight, go through your photos and videos from 2021 and take a trip down memory lane. Spend the time talking about all of the special memories that you made.   You could create a 2021 time capsule for you to open in the future.


10. Toast in the New Year! 

Make sure that you toast in the New Year, whether it is with fizzy apple juice, lemonade or even a glass of milk!  Make sure you say ‘Cheers’ when you clink in the New Year!

How do you celebrate the New Year with your kids?  Let us know in the comment section below!


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