50 Honest selfies that sum up what it’s like being a dad

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Parenting is not as easy and glamorous as it is sometimes made out. Many of us chose the photos and stories that we share on our Facebook and our Instagram very carefully to portray a happy family life, raising perfectly behaved angelic children in a spotlessly clean home.

However, if we are honest then true life just isn’t like that. You only have to take a look at our washing basket, the carpet in the dining room or the bags under my eyes to see that life as a parent can sometimes be frantic, messy and down right difficult. (Not that we would have it any other way.)

I recently saw a post entitled ‘25 honest selfies that sum up what it’s like to be a Mom’. As ever I wanted to raise the Dad flag and show that life as a Dad is no different from life as a Mum. We are tired, messy and tortured by our children too!

I asked the 11000 dads in The Dad Network to send in selfies that sum up life a Dad – here are my favourites:



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