Do you remember what dating used to feel like? Before the little ones arrived and ruined it?

cheap date night ideas

It’s no secret that date night in the Dad Network house hold is sacred. We believe that any parents should carve out regular time for each other in order to nurture and develop their relationship. After all, we were a couple before we were parents.
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We set aside 1 night a week, most weeks, for a date night. The trouble is, sometimes it can start to get expensive and this can be a hindrance to making sure it happens.

The price of going out for a meal now is on average, £16 per head making a romantic meal out the best part of £40!

It doesn’t have to be like this and money certainly doesn’t need to put you off or indeed stop, you going on a date. To help you even more, we’ve created a list of 25 cheap date night ideas for less than £10.

  1. Cook marshmallows on an open fire in the garden.
  2. Go for a walk and take a flask of hot chocolate and blanket to put over your legs so you can sit on a bench and chat.
  3. Have a chocolate fondue and make sure you get some strawberries.
  4. Go on a breakfast date because breakfasts are generally cheaper than evening meals. (Unless you go to Carluccios!)
  5. Go jogging together. (Make this even better by entering a race together and then training for it. It gives you some motivation and race day will be a lot of fun.)
  6. Go to a local sports fixture. Most places have a local football team where tickets are dirt cheap. The quality of the athletes won’t be professional, but that’s not the point.
  7. Bake a cake together.
  8. Cook each other their favourite meal. (not on the same night…)
  9. Go to a local museum. Admission is usually free.
  10. Keep an eye out for local music concerts. They are normally free and you’ll just need to get some drinks!
  11. Double date with another couple and have a game night.
  12. Make homemade pizzas
  13. Give each other a massage – you just need some oil
  14. Go to the circus using the vouchers that circus’ always leave in local shops. Tickets can be really cheap.
  15. Browse a boot fair.
  16. Find a good podcast and listen to it together.
  17. Visit a garden centre – there’s usually plenty to see at the larger ones.
  18. Look round a farmers market.
  19. Go for a hike in the woods or countryside nearby.

  20. Find a local art exhibition. They’re bound to be free. |Or just go to an art shop and have a browse.
  21. Amateur comedy nights are such good fun.

    You’ll either laugh with the comedians or at them!

    Ticket prices are very reasonable.

  22. Go fruit picking.
  23. Plan a disposable camera day. Buy each other a disposable camera, take some pics and then get them developed together. Go through the pics together – this is often hilarious!
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    Who needs smartphones?
  24. Quiz nights are a lot fun and you only need to cover your drinks.
  25. Go swimming. Although some pools can be pricey, most should be under £10 for 2 adults.
  26. Make a bucket list together.
  27. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. (Probably only in summer if you’re in the UK)

With these dates your ‘dating’ prowess will be back up n running in no time AND you won’t be breaking the bank or emptying your pockets. Plus, chicks love the more thoughtful, sentimental dates!

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