27 Ridiculous Reasons Toddlers Tantrum

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As Ted gets older, he’s starting to develop his own mind.

He’s starting to kow what he wants, when he wants it and how to get it.

The other day, he wanted to see who was at the door, so he dragged his play chair to the front door, climbed up on it and proceeded to open the door himself.
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There was no-one there, of course.

*Mental note; child proof the front door now.

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Now, Ted is usually a fairly chilled out, relaxed and happy soul. He rarely gets upset and his ability to use, what I would say is, an incredible range of vocabulary limits his frustrations when trying to communicate. However, I am sure that even the most laid back of toddlers tantrum and with his new found inependance, Ted is just starting to show the signs!

He doesn’t get cross often but when he does he gets very cross very quickly!
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As hard as I try, I can’t help but find some of the things that tip him over the edge amusing.

So here’s a list I’ve come up with along with some from other dads within The Dad Network:

  • Can’t run the cat over with the lawnmower

  • Can’t put his hands in the toaster

  • Can’t eat an entire chocolate cake

  • Can’t drive the car

  • Because CBeebies finished

  • Because he couldn’t use the carpet for paint footprinting

  • Because the jug of water didn’t all fit in the cup

  • Can’t have Pombears for breakfast

  • Can’t have smarties for breakfast

  • Can’t have ice-lollies for breakfast

  • Can’t have chocolate for breakfast

  • Using the wrong toothpaste

  • Because dad shut the fridge door

  • Because she was in dad’s car, not mum’s car

  • Wasn’t allowed to put fingers in the plug socket

  • Granddad brushed the cat

  • Grandma walked through the door

  • The water drained out of the sink

  • Wasn’t allowed to eat wet wipes

  • Saw a giraffe at a safari park

  • Because a wooden statue was made from wood

  • Because the Tesco delivery man left

  • Because the big car wouldn’t balance on the small car

  • Daddy didn’t get changed out of his work clothes quickly enough

  • Because they couldn’t play with tampons

  • Daddy poured the milk on the cereal

  • Because the biscuit was broken and couldn’t be fixed

I know! Hilarious! Although, at the time, the tantrum isn’t that hilarious…
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Anyway, what about you? What’s the funniest reason your toddler or child has had a melt down?

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  1. Rebecca

    My 3 year old had a full melt down when she learned her name ended with an N

  2. Setul

    Because you won’t let me drive AND I’M A BETTER DRIVER THAN YOU

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