Looking back, I’ve been through a number of different fashion styles. Aged 10, I was firmly in the sportswear category, before moving, as my teens dawned, into the ‘skater’ phase.

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I moved through a whole host of ill-fitting clothing, and then met my wife who thankfully provided me with a much need wardrobe overhaul. She is now fully in charge of my wardrobe as she knows what looks good together and what suits my (ever growing) body shape. Why would I attempt it myself?

Menswear must haves

The criteria for clothing at this stage in my life is simple; it has to look good but be practical as well. I need clothes that can meet the demands of parenting an 18 month old, whilst looking as good as possible.

Half term is upon us, and we’re heading off for a few days to the lovely North Wales. When I travel, I aim to travel light but there are a few essential clothing items that I want to take. I’ve teamed up with Pegasus Menswear to make sure I’m kitted out for my family getaway.


Jeans are perhaps the most important aspect of any man’s wardrobe. Comfort, style, durability and practicality all need to meet in the middle and it’s not always the easiest thing to get right. However, these Pegasus Farah Jeans with a stone wash finish are so far, impressing me with a healthy balance of all the four key components to a good pair of jeans. I usually struggle to find good jeans because my thighs are… well, shall we just call them cyclist’s thighs? However, the cut of these work really well for me and they have nice flexibility, which is super useful for bending down to pick Ted up or or any of the other million reasons I spend most of my ‘dad’ life on my knees.

At just £25, they are exactly right for me and will certainly be making it into my suitcase ready for our getaway.

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Up until recently, I’ve always been a t-shirt kind of guy. Shirts have been a bit of an enigma to me and one of those clothing items that represented ‘smart wear’. However, I’m now starting to think that shirts offer a lot of flexibility.
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Whether you’re going out for dinner, popping round to friends, playing with the kids or travelling, a casual shirt is a must-have.

I’m never going to be a garish shirt wearer, but I am beginning to explore various patterns, something that I would never have been brave enough to do in my younger days. These two Pegasus shirts, both priced at £20, have a great cut and fit my body shape well, considering I have a relatively large chest measurement for such a short torso.

The Printed Shirt with Contrast Check Inner Cuff can be found here the Check Shirt with Chest Pocket can be found here.



Similarly, as I’ve aged and moved from boy to man (although my wife may think I act like a 10 year old boy most of the time), I’ve moved from trainers to shoes and I’m partial to a nice pair of leather boots. But a pair of smart casual shoes, I find harder to come by, especially ones that are comfy, which has to be high on the priority list when you’re going away with the family. When you’re up, down, up, down all day long with young kids, they’ve got to be malleable so you don’t get blisters, rubbing or any other kind of irritation. These Classic Suede Brogues from Pegasus Menswear tick all the boxes for me and they were only £35 too!

I made a terrible mistake once. I went on our honeymoon and I only packed shorts, no trousers. This was fine during the day but in the evening it meant that we were not allowed to use the dining room. On an all-inclusive honeymoon. My wife was less than impressed and I learnt a vital life lesson. When going on holiday pack light but pack well and pack for the occasion.


This week we will be exploring the Welsh countryside, eating out, playing games and spending precious time together as a family. I want to look good and feel good but I also want to be comfortable to enjoy the family activities we have planned.
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A good fitting pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, a few tees and some chunky knitwear, alongside a nice pair of smart casual shoes should see me right. I’m hoping for a date night with my wife so I’ll pack some aftershave too for good measure.

Pegasus Menswear have also kindly given all Dad Network readers a 20% discount code to spend with them. It’s definitely worth shopping with these guys, even more so with an extra 20% off. Just use this code at checkout: PEGDAD20

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