4 Outdoor Activities for Dads to Try This Summer

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The sun is battling through the clouds on at least a few days a week, which can only mean one thing – the British summer is here. Having spent much of the last two years stuck inside, it’s now time to get outside and enjoy our newfound freedom. So take a look at this article for ideas of outdoor activities for dads to try this summer. 

Climb a Mountain

Have you ever wanted to unleash your inner Julie Andrews and twirl around on a mountain top, singing your heart out? Well, even if that is taking it to extremes, there is a lot of joy to be had from climbing one of the many mountains dotted about the United Kingdom. 

Climbing mountains has many benefits. It’s free for a start, which is always handy. It’s pretty mindful to get out into nature, it’s great for your physical health too, you feel a real sense of achievement when you get to the top and there are usually spectacular views to feast on. Also, talking of feasting, it’s a great excuse to carb-load beforehand, so basically a win all round. 

You can also choose whether to do it alone, with your mates or as a family. I did the latter and it worked out pretty well: 


Axe Throwing 

Well, this is one that’s probably best left to the adults (or at least older kids and their parents). Have you ever wanted to feel like a warrior, hurling mighty projectiles through the sky, and embedding them in their target? Sounds like a good laugh, right? Well maybe give axe throwing a go this summer.

You can hire an export to come and give you guidance on how best to lob your fearsome axe with accuracy and power. Then you take on competitors, each angling to become the premier combatant, proving that they are worthy of a place in any marauding mediaeval army. 

It makes you want to grow a beard and eat a banquet of roast pheasant, right? 

Get on Your Bike

The summer is the perfect time to patch up your inner tubes, squeeze into your lycra and head out on the roads to find adventure. Cycling saw a boom in popularity during the lockdowns, with families choosing to take advantage of the quiet streets to explore their local area. It was estimated that 200% more people were getting on their bikes. 

North south Dadvide

As the restrictions eased and traffic returned this receded, but there are few better ways to get around on a sunny day than by bike. Find a quiet country route and go and enjoy the best of what this country has to offer, whether you take the kids or travel solo for some headspace. 


A night under canvas is a wonderful thing. Being at one with the outdoors gives you a new perspective on your surroundings as you drift off to sleep in your cosy sleeping bag. It could be in your back garden, local park or in one of the many beautiful stretches of countryside across the land, it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that you get that tent up and witness a whole different and exciting night time experience. 

Whether it’s one night or a two-week family camping holiday, this is a great outdoor activity for dads this summer.

Dadsnet Campout ‘22

If you want to try the outdoor life for yourself, the Dadsnet Campout ‘22 is the perfect opportunity. It’s a dads-only event and we will provide you with the chance to meet other dads, try out the axe-throwing for yourself, as well as football tennis, music jamming, beer tasting and more. And of course we’ll be sleeping in tents for the full campout experience.

There will be great food, walks and a chance to make new friends and connections in the stunning countryside setting of The Big Sky Hideaway in Lincolnshire. There are limited places for the event on Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th September, so get your Dadsnet Campout tickets right now. 

What’s your favourite outdoor activity?

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