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5 Charities That Specifically​ Focus on Dads

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Published on 10/05/2019

Sometimes it can feel like although there is a lot of support out there it isn’t right for you and your situation. Lots of parenting advice and support can feel geared towards mothers and as such I have decided to list 5 charities which are specifically catering for the dad in the equation.

1. Dads House – Helping Dads be Dads

Dads House offers accommodation, food banks, a buddy scheme and legal help to single fathers. Dads House was founded by William McGranaghan in 2008 and he was voted one of the Most Influential Dads of the Year on the Trisha Goddard Show and has made numerous other TV and radio appearances since.

“Through ‘Dads House’ you are bringing together dads to share their experiences and receive practical and emotional support. Drawing on your own experience, you are connecting single fathers across the country and having a profound impact on their lives and the lives of their families.” 

Theresa May

2. Families Need Fathers

This charity strives to help dads, mums and grandparents to have contact and a meaningful relationship with children following parental separation. You can join or register for free and they also provide a helpline (0300 0300 363) for support.

 “I have a solicitor who charges £285 + VAT per hour. She’s good but she is very expensive. FNF with its £39 membership fee has given me more practical advice and provided me with company of fellow fathers who are striving to achieve contact with their children against all odds. Something my solicitor can never offer. I have had 3-4 sittings and have had more practical advice than I have had from my solicitor (who is process driven and has no emotional connect) for last 6-8 months and I don’t even want to mention how much I have paid her in this time. FNF has been amazing for me. I would recommend it to all fathers going through a divorce and wanting contact with their child/children. We are all in this together.”

Testimonial from their website.

3. Fathers for Justice

Fathers4Justice was founded by Matt O’Connor in 2001 after he was denied access to his two boys, Daniel and Alexander, following a difficult divorce. A design, marketing and PR consultant, Matt was shocked by the cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment of dads in Britain’s secret courts. As a result he was left feeling depressed and suicidal. He had, what he describes, as an epiphany when he was standing on a bridge contemplating suicide and thought that instead of jumping off bridges Dads could start climbing up them. They offer help, support and advice to Fathers who are separated from their children.

We will never get back those 12 years, 12 years of heartbreak and hurt. I just hope and pray that we will be reunited soon and Jennifer will realise for herself that I’m not the big bad wolf that she has been lead to believe I am. I’m just a loving Dad who has tried his hardest to be there for her. I long for that day to come. When it will come is anyone’s guess.

Case study on the Fathers for Justice website

4. Fatherhood Institute

Fatherhood institute is the UK’s Fatherhood think-and-do tank. Their work focusses on policy, research and practice. They offer a wide range of training and consultancy services.

Our vision is of a society in which there’s a great dad for every child – a society that:
– gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures
– supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers, and
prepares boys and girls for a future shared role in caring for children.

Taken from the Fatherhood Institute website

5. Storybook Dads

Storybook Dads is a charity that helps Dads who are in prison by recording their voices reading a bedtime story and giving it to their little ones so that they can maintain a bond with them. They also run workshops in which fathers can make personalised memory boxes, challenge charts or calendars for their children. This is a wonderful charity which works on the premise that juts because a father has committed a crime does not mean that a child should be punished.

Lottie was so delighted to receive the disc. She loved hearing her dad’s voice and the background noises were so comical that they had her laughing. She laughed more than she has in a long time. Afterwards there were tears that I knew had to come but it gave her the chance to open up and talk about it – something she hadn’t been able to do since he left.”

Testimonal from website

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    My name is ahmadullah Asadullah I didn’t see my children last 3-years I I pay mortgage paying child maintenance everything but I can’t see them my wife and her father brother sisters they are brainwashed my children I don’t have money to pay for solicitor she not pay her solicitor free very day make me case

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