5 Reasons Paddle Boarding Is The Perfect Activity For Families

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One of the best things about stand up paddle boarding is that it’s literally for everyone.

From toddlers to grandparents and even the dog(!), everyone will enjoy stand up paddle boarding. And the reason for this, is because of SUP’s like the Bluefin Cruise 15′. Of course, you can paddle on your own with smaller boards but with boards like the Bluefin Cruise, it gives you a whole new way to access the sport; altogether.

The Bluefin Cruise is not just stable, versatile and easily converted into a double kayak but it’s big enough for 2 adults and 2 children. (And a small dog if you wish…)

As we move into the season, here are 5 reasons stand up paddle boarding is the perfect activity for families, and as we’ve alluded to, we have to start off with this:

1. With boards like the Bluefin Cruise 15′ it means families can enjoy paddling on the same board.

The thing with paddling on the same board is that it transforms SUPing from being a solo sport you can do in a group to a full in group (family) activity. Everyone mucks in with paddling, balancing, setting up, launching and having fun.

We’ve been out on our as a family numerous times and each time the children have an absolute blast.

2. It’s Easy To Become Confident Quickly

Within an hour, you’ll begin to develop the basic skills; balance and paddling. Most paddle boards, just like the Bluefin Cruise, are designed to make these two skills easy for the rider. In our experience, even our 6 year old managed to learn these skills straight off the bat.

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And if a 6 year old is finding it pretty easy, you know that this really is an accessible sport for families.

3. It’s Not Just A Stand Up Paddleboard

Most SUP’s will offer a variety of purposes. For example, the Bluefin Cruise 15′ will convert to a double kayak seamlessly and if you think SUP is easily accessible, in kayak mode, it really is easy as 123. The kids really love the kayak option – whilst standing up is simple, at first it can take its toll on the legs and the kids can tire. Having the kayak option means you can continue on the water for longer.

The kids might also want to try some morning yoga! (Or you!)

4. Easy to Carry & Transport

iSUP’s (inflatable) are a dream. They fold up small meaning they’re lighter and easier to travel with. Now, the Bluefin Cruise 15′ is Bluefin’s biggest SUP and because it’s designed for more riders it’s inevitable that it will be slightly larger when folded up and weigh more than the others in their range. Like for like though, it beats almost any competitor. And it is still remarkably transportable.

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5. Launch Your SUP Anytime And Anywhere

The ocean isn’t always the best place to start SUPing – the waves and currents are often unnerving for beginners and children. Which is why SUP is so good… where there’s water, you can SUP. Lakes, ponds, rivers, estuaries are all places you can get out on the water.

And most people will live near some kind of water body like this, so there’s always a spot to launch from. Most sports ‘need’ certain things; surfing needs waves, scuba needs reefs or fish, boating needs loads of stuff! SUP needs nothing but a few feet of water.

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So what are you waiting for? Summer is approaching, lockdown is still prevalent and your kids still need something to do. Get yourself a SUP, starting by checking out the Bluefin SUP website.

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