5 Vacuum Cleaners Aimed At Families Reviewed

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Sebo Felix Navy ePower 90815GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Living in a home with multiple flooring types, the Sebo Felix is a great option as it can be used anywhere in our home. It gives the same brilliant results on both carpets and hard floors and transitions easily. Having never used a corded vacuum before, I was worried about the limitations the cord would bring. But the length of the cord makes moving from room to room easily manageable. The slightly heavier weight of the hoover is worth it for the outstanding suction ability. This vacuum is at the top of the power game, and even copes with the hairs of a dog, cat and a house rabbit!

Having three children, as well as a small petting zoo of animals, it’s not just the floors that need a good clean! The Sebo Felix has an upholstery tool that lets you keep your fabrics clean, (hello dust free curtains!) as well as a handy crevice tool meaning we can clean those hard-to-reach areas behind furniture with ease.

As a family with allergies, for us, the absolute icing on the cake is the S-Class filter, meaning fine dust is collected from not only your floors, but the air in your home too.

Overall, the outstanding suction power of the Sebo Felix and its manageability across all floor types, with the added extras of upholstery and crevice tools, makes this hoover an excellent choice.


ConstructionHigh Grade ABS
Cleaning range11m
Filterbag volume in machine3.5l
Cleaning head width31cm
Body weight6.8kg
Suction motor700W
Electronic motor/belt protectionYes
Overheating protectionYes
Integrated HoseYes
Stair cleaning hoseOptional
“Flex” neckYes
Handle height adjustmentYes
Electronic variable suction powerYes
Electronic brush height guidanceYes
Brush motor on/off controlYes
Filterbag change indicatorYes
Air-tight systemYes
Ultra-BagSealable. Electrostatic microfibre fleece
Activated carbon odour filtrationOptional
Crevice and upholstery nozzlesYes
Disco PolisherOptional
Dusting brushOptional
Stair & Upholstery Turbo BrushOptional
SEBO KombiOptional
SEBO ParquetOptional
Floor Turbo BrushNo
ET-1 Electric PowerheadYes



Gtech System

We’ve all seen the TV ads making these machines look like a housework lover’s dream. Well, in my humble opinion, they are exactly that. Light weight, powerful and easy to handle make the GTech AirRam one hell of a vacuum cleaner.

As you can see in the pictures, we have carpet & hard floors in our house, which is probably the case for many households throughout the UK. This vacuum transitions seamlessly making light work of what lies in its path. The charge is quick and lasts for well over 45 mins of continuous usage, but also, it holds the charge. Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t vacuum for 45 mins at a time, especially us parents. More likely 40 x 120 second bursts throughout the day. We found that you don’t need to keep charging it, but most of the time, it’s ready to go.

Another great feature is the fluff collection container, as my 7 year old calls it. It clips in and out of place with ease, but also has an ingenious lever that slides down and in turn pushes out the waste into the bin. It’s quick, easy and mess free. No more banging containers on the side of the wheels bin for me!

Lastly, it looks good. My wife and I have a difference of opinion with this but when I see a well designed tool, such as this, I’m happy to leave it out in the corner of a room, or under the stairs. Despite its good looks, my wife isn’t of the same mindset, however.

As for the Multi MK2, a handheld Gtech vacuum, I find it hard to prise it out of my wife’s hands sometimes. It seems as though it’s not an extension of her limbs because wherever she is in the house, she turns it on and away she goes. As expected from the great performance of the AirRam, it’s exceptional when it comes to getting in those hard-to-reach spots in and around the house. It’s great for the stairs being lightweight, but without compromising any suction.

The waste container is a good size, although it feels as though emptying is harder than it should be in comparison to the AirRam. It comes with a range of attainments which make it perfect for the car, corners, stairs, under tables and high places. It’s also worth noting that this machine is ideal for Nanny & Grandma who struggle with the larger vacuums, especially for the stairs. We have to hide it when they come round for fear they will pinch it to use in their own homes.


AirRam MK2:

Warranty2 Years
Vacuum TypeUpright
Suitable ForCarpets, Hard Floor, Homes with Pets
Bagged or BaglessBagless
Filter TypeWashable
Battery Voltage22V
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium-ion
Run Time?Up to 40 Minutes
Charging Time4 hours
Bin / Bag Capacity0.8L
Product Dimensions(H)112cm x (W)29.7cm x (D)25.6cm

Multi MK2:

Warranty2 Years
Vacuum TypeHandheld
Suitable ForCarpets, Hard Floor, Stairs
Bagged or BaglessBagless
Filter TypeWashable
Battery Voltage22V 
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium-ion
Run Time?Up to 20 Minutes
Charging Time4 hours
Bin / Bag Capacity0.4L
Product Dimensions(H)25cm x (W)13.6cm x (D)38.6cm



Vax ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner

Most of our downstairs is hard floors, with the exception of some rugs, and it feels like we have to sweep them constantly throughout the day. But the problem with sweeping is that it doesn’t really clean. I challenge you now to grab a cloth or wipe and run in along the middle of your hard floor – I imagine you will be shocked at how dirty the cloth becomes.

Hard floors don’t always show up the dirt, but believe me, it’s there. And that’s why the Vax ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner is a valuable tool to have in any family home.

Cleaning a hard floor is also hard graft. Hands and knees or trying to press down on a mop to get enough friction to make it worthwhile is a task in itself. With the Vax ONEPWR Glide, it makes it a fraction of the effort with better results.

It doesn’t just clean but vacuums at the same time, including wet spills. This feature is a game changer because now instead of sweeping and then wiping/mopping, we can just run the Vax ONEPWR Glide and it does both jobs in one easy go. It removes dirt and germs from the surface leaving behind a floor for your baby or toddler to crawl across until their heart is content.

2 elements that could do with some development are the fact that it doesn’t require to be emptied frequently during usage. It’s not the end of the world, but we felt this could be improved. And secondly, after using it, the roller is pretty wet meaning it drips slightly and leaves wherever you stand it wet. They provide a tray to place it on, which feels like a plaster rather than a solution. We’re not keen having a black tray left on the floor.

The Vax ONEPWR Glide comes in at 4.9kg and very easy to manoeuvre making it nice and straight forward to use. It’s easy to empty, has a self-cleaning function which is very useful, and overall performance is very high.


  • Model numberCLBN-GLSB
  • Guarantee3 year guarantee
  • Charge Time3 hours
  • Battery Run Time30 minutes
  • Battery TypeLithium-Ion
  • Capacity0.6l
  • Part Number1-P-142314



Halo Capsule Vacuum

The Halo capsule is quite simply a great vacuum. It has all the power of a full sized corded upright in a cordless. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and maintain and easy to store. It provides superb cleaning action on both wood and carpeted floors and with a 60 minute run time, the long lasting cordless power can make light work of the entire house.

It has a large 1.6 litre capacity perfect for busy households! For charging, the vacuum can be placed on its discreet wall mount for a quick 3 hour charge. The wall mount can also store the accessories included; the crevice tool, dusting brush and power brush head.

The halo works effortlessly on the stairs and removes both dog and cat hair well. We have found the need to use scissors to cut out the longer human hair but this is a quick and easy solution.

Overall, the Halo capsule is a great family vacuum, light weight, easy to use, a long lasting battery and high performance cleaning.


  • 32V Capsule in cool grey and natural carbon fibre
  • 1.6 Litre capacity
  • Up to 60 minutes runtime
  • 3 Hour Charge Time
  • All the performance of the best full size corded upright
  • Just 2.6Kg



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