5 ways to keep warm without turning on the heating

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With energy prices soaring, lots of people are getting worried about the cost of heating your house this winter.

Fear not!  Here are some cheap and easy ways to keep you and your family warm during the chilly months ahead.

Invest in an electric blanket

An electric blanket is an investment that everyone who wants to save cash should make as they last and are so cheap to run.  For about £30, you can keep yourself warm for 9p per night! This comes to about £16.42 if you ran it for 7 hours every night for half a year.


Wear warm clothes

You may think this is really obvious, but lots of people don’t think to wear jumpers in their house.  Turtlenecks and onesies work wonders in a chilly house.  Make sure you dress in layers, wool is a particularly good idea.  Thermal shirts are a cheap investment and they cling to your body and hold in heat.

You could also buy some thick tights and wear one under your trousers for ultimate warmth. As a bloke, you could wear long johns in lieu of the stockings.


Fluffy socks

These will be your no.1 go-to this winter.  Cold feet are some of the biggest reasons for turning up the heating, so make sure that your feet stay nice and toasty to help you to save cash.


Tinfoil behind the radiator

Silver foil placed down the back of a radiator will reflect heat back into a room rather than letting it uselessly escape through the walls of a house. Do-it-yourself buffs suggest wrapping the foil round pieces of cardboard which have been cut to the right size to make it easier to fit.


Warm drinks all winter

A nice warm drink will help to raise your core temperature. Treat yourself to more hot chocolates, coffees, and teas this winter and you will stay nice and toasty.


What are your top tips for keeping warm this winter without breaking the bank?  Let us know in the comment section!

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