5 Ways To Level Up Your Burgers

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There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a good burger, but do you sometimes wonder how to level it up?  Brioche buns are one of the quickest ways to enhance your BBQ, as it’s basically bread, but better!  The lightness and softness of the dough comes from the bread’s addition of butter, eggs, milk, and sugar making it the best bread available, especially when you buy from St Pierre!  

Here are our 5 ways to level up your burger buns!


Grill your brioche bun before plating up

You are starting off with a great bun, but you can still level it up! By grilling the brioche bun before you assemble the burger it adds flavour and crunch and helps the bun to soak up the moisture from any toppings without the bun becoming too soggy! 


Soak in oil/bacon fat (and then grill if you want)

Fried bread is an excellent addition to any meal, so why not enhance your burger bun by doing so!  By soaking the brioche in oil or bacon fat, it acts as a more flavourful butter leveling up your bun! By toasting the bread afterward, it makes the brioche extra crispy and flavourful and your kids will be raving about it!


Use another bun to make crispy croutons to put in the burger itself.

Sometimes a burger needs that extra crunch and making crispy croutons helps to level up your burger in a heartbeat! Simply use another bun, and dice it into little chunks and cook for 5-10 minutes until really crisp.  


Spread garlic butter on the buns 

Garlic bread and burgers go hand in hand, so why not level up your burger by spreading garlic butter on the bun before assembly?  The heat of the burger will help to meld the butter in with the bread acting as the ultimate burger sauce!


Spread peanut butter on the buns before serving

Peanut butter and a burger?  It shouldn’t be good, but it’s a match made in heaven!  Elvis Presley was a known fan of peanut butter with bacon and bananas, so why not follow in the footsteps of The King and liberally spread it onto the bun before serving?  The heat of the burger and grilled bun will warm the butter, melting it into the hamburger!


So here are our five ways to level up a burger!  

Drop us a comment below as to how you level up a burger and don’t forget to grab yourself some St Pierre Burger Buns ASAP. 

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