5 Ways to Prevent & Cure the New Years Hangover

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Despite the fact that 77% of Brits plan to stay in on New Years Eve and 42% won’t be staying awake to watch the clock strike midnight (they must have surveyed new parents!!!) some of you may have lucked out and scored a babysitter and be planning on heading out to a friends or to a bar/pub for the night.

Actually, let’s face it, most of you will be staying in but even so, it’s inevitable that some of you will be having something to drink.

Which means that some of you will be nursing a hangover come 1st January 2018. However, this might not be the case if you follow these 5 ways to prevent and cure the new year’s hangover. (You’re welcome in advance)

  1. Never drink on an empty stomach

    Drinking on an empty stomach can lead to the rate of alcohol absorption being equivalent to receiving it intravenously. Protein rich foods are the safest option as they take longer to digest, which then slows down how fast your blood alcohol level increases. I don’t need encouragement to eat more than I already do but this is a great excuse to eat dinner *before drinking as well as dinner *during drinking!

  2. Avoid drinks with congeners

    Drinks containing congeners (whiskey, cognac, bourbon and tequila) increase the intensity of hangovers and common spirits with include the deadly ingredient are Tequila and Whiskey. Colourless spirits are low in congener, and typically leave a less severe hangover. Bring on the vodka tonics!
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  3. Avoid Champagne

    Bad news. It is scientifically proven that the bubbles in Champagne actually accelerate the absorption of alcohol, hence the saying ‘the bubbles have gone to my head’. Consuming bubbly alcoholic drinks will result in you getting drunker, more quickly, which then leads to terrible hangovers. This is the worst news for me as I am partial to a bottle or two of Prosecco!

  4. Avoid more alcohol

    The oldest myth in the book; drinking more alcohol the next day to prevent the hangover! Avoid drinking more alcohol as this will only prolong the inevitable and is more likely to make your hangover worse. Although the booze may provide a temporary numbing effect its best to avoid it completely.

  5.  Avoid the diet mixers

    Avoid the diet drink myth! Diet mixers such as diet lemonade and diet coke contain no calories or sugar, which leads to alcohol entering directly into the bloodstream. Juices are a better alternative as they are not carbonated and decrease the speed of alcohol absorption, meaning you can celebrate more during the festive period.

The Cure

  1. Rehydrate

    Dehydration is the main cause of a hangover, so drinking a large glass of water before you go to sleep and once you’ve woken up will have you feeling slightly better in the morning. A rehydration sachet is essential as it will also help you replace lost electrolytes as well as rehydrate you.

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  3. Take vitamins

    Just as it is wise to take vitamin supplements before a night of drinking, you should also take supplements the day after. This will help replenish any vitamins that were used during the metabolism of alcohol the night before.

  4. Protein breakfast

    Whether scrambled, poached or fried; eggs are full of amino acids which boost liver function and help break down acetaldehyde which is the headache-causing chemical that is left over after the liver breaks down ethanol. Proof that the Full English really is the ultimate hangover cure! Make mine an extra large!

  5. Avoid caffeine

    You may be desperate for a caffeine boost but do not make the mistake of overloading your body with it. Too much caffeine will irritate your hydration levels and leave you feeling worse for wear. Be sure to drink just as much water in order to balance out your water levels.

  6. Ginger and Peppermint Tea

    Studies show that peppermint tea is an effective cure of morning sickness with pregnant ladies and may be the trick when it comes to ridding yourself of stomach pains and nausea. Best consumed with hot water to rid yourself of that hangover. buy zoloft online yourcialisrx.com/zoloft.html no prescription

Does this mean you can go and drink as much as you want? Well, no. But it will just make whatever you do drink feel a bit better come the morning. :) These tips were found from Nosh Detox.

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  1. asif

    My solution… Don’t drink alcohol but find a non alcoholic drink substitute

  2. Luke Davies

    I think this will benefit a lot of people today!!!

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