5 Ways to reduce stress as a parent

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  1. Jade Wilson

    Something I need reminding of nearly every hour of the day I spend with the boys.
    It’s so easy to get worked up and lose your cool , but the little exercises really do help. I do manage to work out at the gym, but I’ve been doing home workouts with the boys and then try to fit in some sort of meditation/yoga programme at night before bed. This is obviously in the hope that my calmness and serenity will rub off on the boys during the day, haha. I’m totally treating myself to a full body massage next week too!

  2. James Hill

    I think just getting out of the house can be a life saver at times. If I get home and my wife’s really bad day and I’ve had a stressful day at work, just getting out the house for half an hour can make a huge difference to your stress levels.

    Even if it’s just a walk round the block to clear your head, it’s amazing what a little fresh air can do.

  3. Tom

    Something I really need to work on is letting go, I sometimes get too hung up on the little things. I’ll be trying some of these tips when I’m at home with my two little ones. Especially the taking a moment to rest the mind by staring out the window! Thanks for a great blog post.

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