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6 No Junk Playdate Food Tips

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There is nothing more stressful enjoyable than inviting a group of toddlers round to your house for a playdate.

Ted loves having his friends round, sharing his toys and doing various activities with them.


One of the hardest things to plan when organising a playdate is the food & snacks. Different parents have different rules on what their child is allowed and isn’t allowed to have, which can make it challenging to provide something for everyone.

The last thing you’d want is a child coming round to play and eating something that their mum or dad wouldn’t want them to eat; especially if that snack could potentially be classed as ‘junk food.’

We’re fairly strict with Ted, but mainly with regards to moderation and quantity. We’re raising him to have a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet which means that we allow him to have an appropriate amount of all food groups.

It was Easter recently, so we allowed him to have a small amount of chocolate, but like I say, when it comes to sugary snacks and sweets he is only allowed them in moderation.

When his friends come round, however, we make sure that all the snacks on offer are healthy, wholesome and not ‘junk.’ It’s just easier this way.

But it can be difficult to come up with ideas of what snacks and meals to offer. Apple slices may be nice but they can be a bit dull when that’s all that is on offer!

We’ve teamed up with Organix to bring you 6 no junk playdate food tips that you can use when hosting a playdate:

  1. Fun Food Plates

    This is a really good way of bringing in some fun to eating. Fun plates, with pictures of their favourite cartoon characters, can encourage them to eat almost anything! :)

  2. Perfect Pasta

    Most children will eat pasta and it’s a great way of sneaking in vegetables and greens. A spinach sauce made with fresh basil for example. You could also grate in some carrot!

  3. Homemade Chicken Nuggets

    Homemade is easier than you think. Grab some bite-size chicken pieces, roll them in breadcrumbs and pop them in the oven. Completely wholesome and delicious!

  4. Fruit Kebabs

    A fun way of presenting them but also scope to get the children involved as well. Ask them to make a traffic light kebab? Or they could cut their own fruit?

  5. Pizza Making

    We did this recently with the older ones and they had a great time. It can get messy, but if you’re prepared, it’s win win. Grab a selection of toppings and you’ve created an engaging and tasty dinner!

  6. Simple treats

    Again, homemade isn’t that difficult or time-consuming. There are some excellent, quick recipes around for homemade muffins, cookies and cake. Even Banana bread is a tasty choice! This can also be a great activity to do on the playdate, especially when decorating is concerned!

  7. And for a bonus one…

    Organix snacks are a really good way of making sure that you’re not giving your guests any junk. We did this for Ted’s birthday party and it went down amazingly well with everyone, including the adults! We even included Goodies foods in the party bags!

There you have it, 7 great tips for providing delicious, tasty, yet healthy & wholesome snacks at your next playdate. And just in case you forget to bookmark this page, you can save this great graphic (below) with all the details on :)

Let us know if you have any extras to include?

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  1. Alyssa Stokes

    Homemade pizza is always a favourite here even with my ‘fussy’ eater. We have also discovered the joy of not so hidden veg in pasta sauce. J like to help me blend all the veg together and will happily eat it.

  2. Abbie

    Some great ideas here. Organix snacks are brill, and I love doing fun food plates. Healthy but a bit more exciting for the kids too!

  3. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    This could not have come at a better time. My eldest is starting pre-school next week and I need to provide her with a packed lunch so thank you for sharing :)

  4. Jaime Oliver

    Jacob loves the organix range, some great tips there. Not tried making home made pizzas before with them just Joshua would love them

  5. Hannah Budding Smiles

    Fab ideas, I need to try the fruit kebab idea because Toby isn’t a huge fan of many fruits and I need to jazz them up for him. We’re big fans of Organix x

  6. Lucy Melissa Smith

    I like the idea of the fruit kebabs and you’re right, I don’t know a kid who doesn’t like pasta, I swear Lily is addicted. We love Organix stuff, some of our local cafes include them in their picnic boxes rather than junk which is nice to see for once! x

  7. Mrs H

    These are such great ideas. I love the idea of making homemade pizzas during a playdate. Genius! I’m always a massive fan of fruit kebabs too. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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