7 CBeebies shows that are actually works of children’s TV art

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  1. Ben Sansum

    Not sure about pre-school TV, but we’ve been living through a golden age of school-age TV too – you have the absolute joy of Phineas & Ferb, Avater – The Last Airbender (pretend the film doesn’t exist), and the Regular Show to look forward to!

    • Chris

      Regular Show is definitely more for parents than kids. Possibly the best “kids” TV show out there.

  2. Isaac

    Waybaloo??? Replace this with Timmy Time and the list is perfect.

  3. Iain Dick

    Must say, it’s a shame Patchwork Pals didn’t make it on too. That pesky Fox showing up every time!

  4. Paul

    I would definitely drop Waybuloo in favour of Rastamouse. Bagga T’s ransom note when he kidnaps dem little orphans is a real work of art.

  5. Phil

    Great list –

    Your thoughts echo my own, with the possible exception of Waybuloo.

    Waybuloo is just cringe-worthy but my littlest liked it when she was three so I guess I’m not its target demographic.

    As mentioned above, Patchwork Pals is awesome – lovely stories told in a patchwork-blanket style with fun characters my girls used to love talking about.

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