7 Reasons why parents need to get away together

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Being a parent comes with heart-warming highs and pulling-your-hair out lows, but one thing’s for sure – it’s non-stop!

It’s not a weakness to admit that we all sometimes want a little time away from our children, but in case you were feeling the ‘parent-guilt’, here are 7 completely justifiable reasons why you and your partner need to get away together.

  1. Enjoy each other’s company

While you live in the same house and spend time together as a family, you rarely get to enjoy each other’s company without worrying that Elsie is about to swallow a marble, or George hasn’t eaten enough for dinner. Your concentration is being pulled in all directions at once, and sometimes you just need to step back and give each other the undivided attention of your dating days.

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  1. Time to yourself

It may seem a bit strange to go on holiday with your partner and spend time without them, but we all need to recharge our batteries and give ourselves time to breathe. Get a massage, read a book, enjoy a shopping day or go for a surf, whatever it takes to relax, there’s nothing wrong with a little me-time, even on a romantic break.

  1. Evenings out

Watching films in the living room after the children have gone to bed can only go so far towards ticking the ‘spending quality time together’ box. An evening out with your partner without the chaos of bath and bedtime beforehand is the perfect way to relax. Treat yourself to dinner somewhere you’d never go with the little ones and see where the evening takes you, with no chiding voice in the back of your mind saying ‘remember you need to get up at 6am’.

  1. Adult activities

There are many fun activities to do with little ones, but the possibilities are endless when child-friendliness isn’t a factor you need to take into account. Do the things you used to enjoy as a couple in your pre-baby days – go to the cinema, take long walks in the countryside, enjoy wine tasting and watch the sun go down.

  1. No chores

Whenever you make time for each other at home, it’s normally at the expense of that DIY you’ve been meaning to do, or that load of washing that’s been in the basket for days. A trip to a holiday cottage will take you far away from these unwanted distractions – let someone else do the cleaning, go out for meals and put your feet up, you deserve it!
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  1. It’s good for them

Let’s face it, rare is the child who doesn’t enjoy a trip to their grandparents’/friend’s/babysitter’s house. They’ll be fed biscuits, allowed to stay up past bedtime, treated to even more toys and spoilt rotten, but they’ll have loved every minute without you (though it pains you to admit it!).

  1. Be yourself, not mummy or daddy

When you’ve picked up baby’s cup from the floor for the thousandth time, or dutifully served up a fish finger dinner in record time to cries of ‘I’m hungry’, it’s easy to forget that you were ever anyone but ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’. Taking time away to get to know yourself as partners and lovers again can only be good for the health of your relationship.

A few days can be all the respite you need to relax and rekindle your relationship while the littles are having fun with their grandparents or babysitters. If you’re looking for inspiration for your couples’ break, take a look at our guide to romantic holidays in Wales.

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  1. Evie Jones

    This is such a good post, I’m always aching to have some time with my partner but with having 5 kids in the house, it can become a little hectic. We’ve tried doing camping in the garden but it always ends in tears. I actually came across this pretty brilliant website called Angelsandurchins.co.uk and it’s given us some ideas on what to do with the kids during the summer holidays that will allow us to have family time, but also some activities that the kids can go off and do while mommy and daddy have a cup of coffee together! Have you tried them before? Thanks again for an insightful post, thank god it’s not just me feeling the strain! x

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