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7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 16/08/2017

The benefits of getting a tuff spot are vast:

  • Contains the mess
  • Provides designated space to play
  • Helps develop imagination
  • Promotes positive play
  • Encourages use of fine & gross motor skills
  • Provides endless possibilities of different activities. Endless…

So if you haven’t yet bought one…


And then, to get you going (or even if you’re a veteran tuff spot user), here’s 5 great ideas that are guaranteed to keep your little one amused.

7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5143 800x800%, new-dad%

  1. Digger Land – Sand, grass, twigs, pebbles, shingle, building blocks and of course, DIGGERS!!!

7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5150 800x999%, new-dad%

2. Gelli Baff – An amazing substance that simply requires you to just add water. Watch it grow into ‘Gelli.’ Perfectly harmless but maybe a little messy.

7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5149 800x599%, new-dad%

3. Pom Poms – Small pom pom balls, some cups, and some mini tweezers. Great for developing those fine motor skills and can be highly educational; sorting the colours & sizes or even counting!

7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5146 800x681%, new-dad%

4. Water Play – Water pistol, bowl, shot glasses (plastic), food colouring, funnels, sponges and water! And it doesn’t have to be a sunny day. When it’s raining, it makes it even more fun!

7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5142%, new-dad%

5. Dinosaur World – Grass, leaves, sand, pebbles, shingle, sand, water bowls and dinosaurs. Great to encourage imaginative play.
7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5152%, new-dad%

6. Candy Shop – Kitchen utensils, ice cube trays and small wheat puffs. These ones were sweet, but you can use rice or pasta. :)

7 Tuff Spot Ideas for Toddlers, IMG 5147%, new-dad%

7. A world of Insects – Grass, shingle, mud, leaves, twigs, logs, cups, tweezers, pots & insects. We’ve added some of Ted’s plastic ones, but this is also a great chance to go on a bug hunt around the garden and add your own real life bugs!


We have built up our collection of equipment over a few years, but the best place to go to for everything is Poundland. Here’s an old post we wrote with a list of all the things we got from Poundland. And cheaply too!

We share most of our tuff spot adventures on our Instagram account and also they usually feature on our weekly vlog: it’s the FERGUSONs. Make sure you follow us and subscribe!

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