7 uses for AI we wish existed to help parents

Uses for AI

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Ever since the launch of ChatGPT, the whole world seems to become obsessed with artificial intelligence. It is already helping across a range of industries, from content creation to healthcare. But what about in the home? Are there uses of AI that could benefit parents?

Well, we’ve powered up the Dadsnet artificial intelligence machine – which is handy because there is very little actual intelligence around here – and generated some ideas for AI that we wish would come true. If you can make any of these happen, you could be a very rich person indeed.

Here are the uses for AI we wish were real.


Uses for AI - Kids playing with coding


Uses for AI to make parents’ lives easier

Algorithmic shoe finder

You input the location in which your child casts aside their shoes when they come home over the period of two weeks. During that time, the AI creates an algorithm to predict where they will be, based on weather conditions, day, mood and other factors. Next time you’re late for the school run and can’t find their shoes, the AI gives you a suggested location, based on the data and with a percentage probability of them being there.


Small-talk chatbot

Anyone who has had a baby under their care is well aware of the limited range of the questions people will ask you. It can become tiring recounting their birthweight, the nature of the labour process and how they are sleeping. So, let’s automate the process instead. Whenever anyone sidles over to you as you’re with your infant, the small-talk chatbot kicks into action and delivers the requisite responses before wishing them the best for the rest of their day. The premium plan for the small-talk chatbot offers functionality to shut down the conversation politely but abruptly should they start to offer any unsolicited advice.


Dad and kid in kitchen


Ideal recipe generator

We all know that it is impossible for the puny human brain of a parent to find a meal that will please all members of the same family on the same day. So this is one of the uses for AI that could be a game changer. It monitors your family’s reaction to a range of ingredients over time and generates meal ideas that will suit everyone’s individual preferences. Bonus points if it also then orders your big shop for delivery, containing said ingredients.


Automated dad joke machine

We are all busy people and, despite the dad joke being an essential tool in the fatherhood arsenal, sometimes you don’t have time to make the obligatory comment. If only there was an AI that you could switch on when you really need to focus on work. It would be perfect for when your teenager slopes into the room and moans “I’m hungry”, instantly answering on your behalf with “hi hungry, I’m dad’s AI assistant.”


Kids in car arguing


In-car nearlythereometer

Of all the potential uses for AI, this is the one that we are closest too, given the navigation tech we already own. The in-car nearlythereometer works on a traffic light system to inform your children as to whether you are “nearly there yet” on your journey. Input the destination and the display shines red if you are still in the first half of the journey and therefore not nearly there. After halfway it turns amber to show that you are getting towards being nearly there. After four fifths of the journey, it flicks to green, indicating that…yes…you are nearly there yet.


Autonomous pram

Prams are great. It’s the other people who are the problem. Folk on the street cutting you up and then complaining when you catch their heels, for example. And then there are the endless stairs. If you have never suffered with accessibility issues previously, going anywhere with a pram exposes how difficult life can be when you rely on wheels to transport you. This is why the experts need to channel the uses for AI into automating prams before they do the same with cars. An autonomous pram would stop before it hits people on a busy pavement, work out the quickest step-free route and even do that little rocking motion that you hope will send your baby off to sleep on your behalf.


Uses for AI


Story summariser

Have you ever been an hour into a child’s monologue about their exploits on Roblox and realised that you have no idea what they are talking about? As your eyes glaze over, you rely on nodding, muttering “uh-huh” every so often and occasionally repeating the last thing they said to make it look like you are following what they are saying. Well, the story summariser transcribes your child’s tale and summarises the key themes, sending you a one-page briefing that helps you regain the thread of what they were on about. It’s a must-have for any parent of children of a certain age.


Do you have any other dream uses for AI that would make your life easier? Let us know in the Comments below

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