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7 Ways to Impress your Partner this Valentines without breaking the bank!

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Valentines day is back again!  It comes round so quickly and can easily be missed so don’t waste your chance to impress your Lady!

If you handle such a romantic day poorly the results can be cataclysmic!  If you get it right and impress your mrs then all is right with the world! This is one of the main days of the year where you need to pull out all of the stops for the woman you love!

Here at Dadsnet, we have come up with our top ideas for impressing your Mrs this valentines day and they won’t break the bank!

Plan ahead

When it comes to the big V day, you don’t want to be caught out grabbing flowers from the garage on the way home! Every little detail needs to be thought out and planned, from a suprise breakfast, to a romantic dinner.  As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

Make Valentine’s Day a family event

Valentines day doesn’t just have to be for adults!  Write cards to your kids, encourage gift making, or even just some chocolate hearts at supper.  Make sure everyone in the family is feeling the love.

Leave love notes around the house

Make sure that these are filled with the thoughtful little things you love about your Mrs!

Write a letter from your heart


There is nothing more romantic than a lovely letter detailing all of the little reasons why you love your partner.  Start the day off well by leaving it on the night stand, or on the kitchen table.

Cook a romantic dinner to wow the taste buds

‘The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and the same goes for ladies too!  Delight your partner with an amazing meal that will knock their socks off.  Just make sure that she isn’t allowed anywhere near the kitchen sink!

Meet her at lunch break for a quick coffee or lunch

Try and meet each other for a quick lunch.  Making the time to see each other when you usually wouldn’t means a lot, often more than the flashy expensive stuff!


Remind her of your special times

Get a photo of your wedding or another romantic event and place it on the dresser with a little note for her to see when she wakes up in the morning.


Imagine you’re asking her to marry you again, think about what you would say differently today, and then say it!

You can either write it all down, or say it to her on bended knee again!


What are your top tips for impressing your wife on Valentines day?  Let us know in the comment section below!



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