7 ways to do Valentine’s on a budget

Valentine's on a budget

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Valentine’s Day might be the pinnacle of the year for you or you might see it as a corporate exercise in relieving you of your cash. But it is a great excuse to take time to connect with your partner. We’re all busy, so why not use the day to really concentrate on your relationship. Yes, it can be expensive, so we have developed seven ways to do Valentine’s on a budget.

Romance doesn’t have to stop because os a cost of living crisis. Follow these steps to make the day special without angering your bank manager.


Valentine's on a budget


Ways to do Valentine’s on a budget

Plan ahead

You don’t want to be caught out grabbing flowers from the garage on the way home! If you do, you’ve effectively wasted cash because it’s obvious there was no thought went into it. Plan all the details, from a surprise breakfast to a romantic dinner.  As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

Make Valentine’s Day a family event

Valentines day doesn’t just have to be for adults!  Get the kids to make the card you send to the other half, encourage gift making or even cook heart-shaped pancakes for dinner.  Make sure everyone in the family feels the love.

Leave love notes around the house

Valentine's on a budget

Fill them out with heartfelt messages about how you feel about your other half. This is the ultimate way to do Valentine’s on a budget.

Write a letter from your heart

Slightly more longform, there is nothing more romantic than a lovely letter detailing all of the little reasons why you love your partner.  Start the day off well by leaving it on their bedside table or kitchen table. It costs nothing but means so much.

Cook a romantic dinner to wow the taste buds

Eating in restaurants might be one of those expenses you have cut back on. And, on Valentine’s Day, the price goes up, it’s more difficult to book a table and babysitter, and you end up shelling out a fortune. For Valentine’s on a budget, light some candles, get a bottle of something they love and delight your partner with an amazing meal that will knock their socks off. Leave the washing up for the kids the next morning too, if they’re old enough!


Valentine's on a budget


Meet them at lunch break for a quick coffee or lunch

Try and meet each other for a quick lunch.  Making the time to see each other when you usually wouldn’t means a lot – often more than the flashy expensive stuff!

Valentine's on a budget

Remind them of your special times

Get a photo of your wedding or another romantic event and place it by the side of the bed with a soppy note that they will appreciate in the morning.


What are your top tips for Valentine’s on a budget?  Let us know in the Comment section below!



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