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77% of New Parents have bad Sex Lives

Wow… Now I knew that having children obviously has an impact on a couples sex life, but this statistic is huge!

New research out today reveals that 77% of parents are unhappy with their sex lives, with lack of energy, sleep and sex drive being cited as the top three contributing factors.

Ok, so, I’m not going to dwell and go into details on my sex life (I like being happily married and my mum reads The Dad Network…), but I do want to share with you the headlines of this research and ask what you think?

Key statistics from the report include:

  • 77% parents don’t have the sex life they want

  • 93% say they could improve their sex live

  • Lack of energy, sleep and sex drive were the primary factors for this

  • 22% blamed co-sleeping with children

  • 15% because sex just isn’t important to them

  • 9% said it was because of a birth injury

  • Mental health issues and relationship breakdowns were also cited.

  • 27% of people said they talked to no one about sex

  • 56% said they’d tried sex toys before kids, but only 30% used them afterwards.

  • 49% said they’d had outdoor sex before kids, but this drops to 10% after kids.

90% of respondants to this survey were mums… I wonder if the same figures would apply if 90% of the respondents were dads. I would be interested to see whether dads view their sex lives differently?

Please share with us, do you fall into the 77% or the remaining 23%?

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77% of New Parents have bad Sex Lives, ec77a02838b7d9ad93831e241173944f?s=90&r=g%, new-dad%
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