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8 Simple Ideas to Get Your Toddler Drinking More H20

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 28/09/2017

Just because the hot weather is behind us, as we move into the winter months, it doesn’t mean that drinking sufficient water is any less important. Even more so for the little ones that run round our ankles all day.

Generally speaking, Ted isn’t a bad drinker, but he certainly goes through patches where for one reason or another, he doesn’t drink as much as he should.

I’m very conscious that I don’t drink enough and have made an effort to up my daily intake, but I’ve yet to really get going with Ted to make sure he’s on track with his water intake. But that’s going to change.

I’ve scoured the interweb looking for tips and ideas for getting adults drinking more water and then nipped, tucked, tweaked and altered where necessary to make them applicable to toddlers and now I’m left with a fantastic list of simple ideas to get toddlers drinking more water that I will certainly be adopting and using for Ted.

  1. Ice Ice Baby Toddler

    For some reason, ice is utterly captivating for Ted. I was chipping out the freezer ice the other day, leaving a nice pile of ice on the floor, only to turn round to find Ted eating it. And loving it. Now I wouldn’t recommend using freezer ice, but instead you can simply make your own, fun and flavoured ice cubes.

  2. Infusing

    For adults, this just screams pompous, but for toddlers it’s a great way of adding flavour (albeit marginal) and fun to drinking. Who would have thought that chucking in a raspberry to the bottle would entertain Ted for minutes. (And minutes to a toddler is as good as hours!)

    Ted thought the game of getting the fruit out was brilliant; even better if the rules say they can only use their mouths.

    He also enjoyed just looking at the fruit through the bottle. Weirdo

  3. Pimp Your Bottle

    Ted is really fussy when it comes to bottles. He has a Paw Patrol one, Spiderman, Peppa Pig but this one has the most success. I guess it’s kind of like when ‘Dad’ has his favourite beer glass/pitcher, right?

    The secret is to get one with a lid though; then you can take it anywhere.

  4. Smartphone Water

    A little more complex, but if you’re really wanting to know just how much water your toddler is drinking each day you can download some cool APPs for your smartphone, like iDrated, that keep track of how much has been consumed and gives reminders about when the next H20 dosage is due.

  5. Strawpedoes!

    Obviously not the Strawpedoes you were used to when out on a night out, but, Ted drinks far more water through a straw than anything else.

  6. Get Organised

    This is more about you than your toddler, in that, if you’re organised, it’s highly likely your toddler will drink more water. At the start of every day, fill up several bottles and leave one in the rooms in your house you spend most of your time. Not to mention your handbag, change bag and car. If there’s water everywhere you go, your toddler won’t be able to escape it!

    Top Tip: Leave them in places that your toddler can access. I’m always amazed at how often Ted just goes and picks up the drink, without involving me, if it’s easily accessible for him.

  7. Meal Times

    Ted does occasionally drink watered down Juice, but primarily, he’s on water. Especially at meal times. It’s these times he drinks the most. Like adults, eating makes you thirsty and it;s nice to wash your grub down with a drink. Toddlers are no different.

    Give water at meal times, so when they’re thirsty, they drink water. This also helps develop good and healthy habits about drinking.

  8. Explore your taste buds

    Why stick to conventional water the whole time? Once in a while, try out some alternatives like, coconut water, maple water, rose water, probiotic water etc etc. (Don’t worry, I had no idea what most of these were too, but it’s worth checking them out).


Do you have any tips to add? How do you get your toddler to drink more water?


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  1. DAVE

    My little girl (now 8) only rrally drinks water – we used to just give her water when we were out as it was abundant & good for her; don’t agree with all the aspartame in kods’ drinks these days and watered down ‘from concentrate’, e numbers and such… she now drinks water as her main drink every day and loves it! Why complicate things?!

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