9 Cheap Messy Play Ideas for the Summer

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messy play ideas

We’re all on the countdown to summer, so @play.hooray would like to share with you 9 fabulously messy play ideas that are definitely worth a try! Take the mess outdoors, get the kids involved in the clean up and you’ve got yourself a win win situation!!


1. Painting branches, leaves and pebbles. Adds colour to your garden and is almost therapeutic!
2. Take a mirror out into the garden, it adds another dimension to building with blocks or painting!
3. Whip out the recycling box and they’ll be occupied for hours! Let them take the lead and see what they come up with!
4. A glow stick bath is an absolute must, whatever the age!!
5. Building a den in the garden, in the lounge, in bed! Whatever and wherever, it can make a rainy day much more enjoyable!
6. Ok this is a treat, ice cream parlour with squirty cream, comes and toppings! It’s messy and gorgeous!
7. Custard chaos!! Food is always a winner in our house! A big pan of custard and spoons is so inviting!
8. Add any old food or veg to your children’s small world animals or dinosaurs and their imaginations will run wild!
9. If you’ve never seen a mud kitchen, let me be the one to introduce you to them! They are fabulous! Mud, pots, pans, spoons and hours of busy kids while you get a cuppa in the sunshine! You’re welcome!!
@play.hooray love seeing what you guys get up to, if we’ve inspired you to get messy this summer please share your photos with us, we adore fan mail!!

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