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9 things all youngest children know to be true

Being the youngest child is a remarkably singular experience.

Whether you’ve got five older siblings or just the one, a lot of the same things ring true if you’re the baby of the family.

Even though youngest children have a reputation for being annoying and constantly wanting to hang out with their older, ‘cooler’ siblings, it’s not always like that. Here are some of the things the baby of the family will be able to relate to – both good and bad.

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1. Everyone assumes you’re the favourite

There’s a tired cliche saying parents love their youngest the best, and everyone will assume this is the case for you – which can get quite irritating, especially when your older siblings make fun of you for it.

2. But that’s probably because you are…

OK, you might complain about the stereotype, but deep down you know it to be true. Maybe it’s because your siblings all moved away at some point, leaving you at home as the sole recipient of parental love.

3. You got away with a lot more than your older siblings

You’ve got to hand it to your older sisters or brothers; they really did pave the way for you. Whether it was getting a mobile phone or fighting about their curfew, your siblings had to struggle for things that were then easily granted to you – much to their extreme annoyance.

4. But you also have a lot to live up to

Maybe your sister was a star athlete growing up or your brother was always top of the class – it really put a lot of pressure on you to somehow follow in their footsteps.

5. Being the youngest at the same school was the worst

If you went to the same school as an older sibling, the chances of anyone getting your name right were slim – instead, teachers would constantly call you by your sister or brother’s name.

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6. There are basically no photos of you

When you look through family photo albums, there are millions of baby photos of the oldest child. After all, this was your parents’ firstborn and things were new and exciting. But by the time you came into the family, the novelty had well and truly worn off, and it seems like they couldn’t be bothered with pictures anymore.

7. New clothes weren’t really a thing for you growing up

Nope, not when you had hand-me-downs given to you instead.

8. You’ve been the butt of many jokes

As the youngest, you were often the target for your siblings’ jokes. It was annoying growing up, but now it means you can well and truly take any ribbing – and give it back as well.

9. You have ready-made best friends

Sure, you didn’t think this back when you were wearing hand-me-downs and being called the wrong name at school, but now you’re older, you can appreciate how great it is to have older siblings. When you were six, you might have tried your hardest to ignore their advice, but now it’s pretty useful – even if they still do make fun of you occasionally.

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