A practical guide to Father’s Day gifts that he really wants

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It’s the time of year when you can’t move for Father’s Day articles talking about all the amazing gifts you can get dad. And, yes, they make great reading, but most are unrealistic. Father’s Day is a perfect day for celebrating dads, but it’s not really practical for little three-year-old Timmy to buy shell out on a £500 Playstation 5 bundle.

Of course, it’s nice to look through these articles and dream. But it doesn’t really help when you or your family are searching for something affordable that dad would actually want and appreciate. If you are the dad yourself, send this link to your other half or kids and see if they pick up the hint about practical gifts dads really want:


Giving socks as a present has become a kind of joke, but chances are the dad in your life will love this gift. Buying socks for yourself is one of the most tedious ways of spending money that there is. However, unless he’s a Love Island contestant, he’ll likely need to wear a pair every day. So, receiving the gift of socks on Father’s Day replenishes your stocks without him having to go out and hunter gather his own. Perfect.

A lie in

This one is free, but will be so appreciated. The chance to just be able to snooze until waking up naturally is a luxury many dads do not usually have the chance to enjoy. Creep around if you have to. Watch CBeebies with the subtitles on. Whatever you do, let dad snooze away to his heart’s content on this one day a year, at least.


We all love a meal that we haven’t had to make ourselves, right? The brilliant thing about this is that gift is that you can scale it up or down depending on your budget and abilities, and he will love it all the same. Whether you take him for the tasting menu at Claridge’s or whip him up a plate of beans on toast at home, it’s a treat that he will definitely enjoy.

Your time

As cheesy as it sounds, spending time together is the ultimate Father’s Day present. In a cost of living crisis, spending vast sums of cash on presents seems a little wasteful, and time is more valuable too. Clear your diaries and spend the day together with your dad, whether you go for a full on day of fun or sit on the sofa in front of a good movie with a massive packet of crisps.

Do you have any other practical gift ideas for dads? Add them in the Comments


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  1. Jo Spolton

    I love a secondhand something, no-one shells out loads of cash, and its often more thoughtful. Rumage.com found a hammock! genius chill out place.

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