The Dadsnet is a community.

Our mission is to connect likeminded dads around the globe online & face-to-face, ultimately, to equip dads to raise outstanding children who will go on to change the shape & future of the world around us.

We share anything from original content to funny videos to expert advice and plenty of discussions, The Dadsnet offers support, encouragement and insight to the challenging, yet-profoundly fulfilling job known as fatherhood.

This isn’t a parenting soapbox and we certainly don’t get out the bullhorn. We’re not here to tell you how to do it. We’re here to connect you to someone else who can tell you how to do it. Someone who has done or is doing what you’re doing with a different experience of the same thing. Someone who can give a fresh perspective or someone who can validate your perspective.

Plus, along the way, you can escape, have a laugh and recuperate ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Think of The Dadsnet like the online pub. Or the online space for you to hang out with your fellow tired, dad compadres.

Here at The Dadsnet, we’re respectful, authentic and unified and welcome all experiences of parenting.

The Dadsnet is for dads who understand that the journey of fatherhood has its ups and downs and once you embark on this journey, life will never be the same.


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