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Adoption: everything you need to know

Adoption can make a happy home, for parents and children alike. But how do you start with the process, what happens during adoption and how can you be sure it won’t be too heartbreaking for you and your family?

If you are thinking about adopting, chances are you are bewildered by what you have to go through. But this handy infographic from solicitors Browells can steer you through the process. Whether you are looking for your first child or hoping to add to your brood, you probably already know that you have a long process to go through – so this should help you understand what happens and when.

Adoption: everything you need to know, Adoption 600x3738%, community%

Adoption can be seen from various points. Birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the youngster themselves all have a different opinion. For a few, it is a sensitive subject. For others, adopting is seen as something alarming and troubling, and still others see it as a blessing and a gift. Adoption can be all of these things.

The decision to put a child up for adoption is typically powered by various distinctive conditions, and it is frequently accompanied by stress and distress. There are many reasons to choose adoption, including unplanned pregnancies, being a single parent, age, financial battles, and just not being ready to be a parent.

Couples don’t always choose to adopt because they can’t have their own children; some just want to add to their existing family. Some will choose to adopt after trying to conceive; others, such as single-sex couples, may prefer to adopt rather than have a child through IVF and/or a surrogate mother.



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