My Advice For New Dads

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  1. Mum in Brum

    What a lovely article and such great advice – I really enjoyed reading it and could really relate. You’re right about the first four weeks being crazy, and at the time you never think it’s going to pass. Our little one is six months now and all of that craziness seems like a distant memory – one that we now look back on fondly, I do think that throughout pregnancy and right up until you have your baby, Dads get overlooked by midvives, health visitors etc, which I think is wrong – Dads are so fundamental to the whole experience and providing support and reassurance. Dads rock :)

    • Matt Orlando

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Six months I feel is the sweet spot when things finally settle down and you can really start enjoying your relationship with your baby. I’m thoroughly enjoying my relationship with my 7 month old now!

  2. John Adams

    My advice; have confidence in your abilities. Yes you’re going to make mistakes, so what? Everyone has mademistakes with their kids. Just learn from it. Some people have the attitude that babies are all mum’s work. It isn’t; don’t believe nayone who tells you this as it can be a barrier to you bonding and leanring how to deal with your child(ren). Aside from breastfeeding, there’s nothing you can’t do that amum can. Now go forth and good luck! #TheList

    • Matt Orlando

      Very true. Dads can and should be hands on from Day 1. It’s a partnership, and your child will be better off for your involvement.

  3. Hannah Parker

    Great post, Matt, it really is a whirlwind those newborn days and months, and it is a special time for uniting parents too. The actual birth process was really long and drawn out, and my husband seemed to almost shut down during some of it through pure exhaustion. This actually carried on for a few days to the point where I was like get your stuff together but I knew even then that he had been through a traumatic experience too and in some ways it was even harder because he had no control. Still it definitely united us and, back to my point…! I think your tips are spot on :)
    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • Matt Orlando

      Hey Hannah, thanks for sharing. Having a child can either strengthen or ruin a relationship. I’m glad it seems to have strengthened yours!

  4. Choco

    Lovely read. Really makes think about the upcoming challenges I face.

    The sleepless nights and the chaos that will shake our lives scares me so much. Will I have the strength to be patient? Will I have time to tell my wife I love her? Will I see the end in sight?

    Your words are reassuring and there are some great quotes in there to help. I may keep coming back to this post once the baby is born for continued inspiration.


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