Affordable & Easy Eco-Parenting? Introducing Pura With Brand Ambassador Ashley Banjo

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Pura, an exciting new family brand ready to shake-up baby care by making eco-friendly parenting easy and affordable, is launching tomorrow on Father’s Day.

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  • Pura products combine high quality, eco-friendly credentials with a more affordable price point.
  • 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable baby wipes launch on Father’s Day, with eco-friendly nappies to follow in Autumn.
  • Pura products will be available from 21st June via with free next day delivery.
  • Pura has created a new, on-pack “eco traffic light system” to encourage brands to be more transparent in their eco-marketing

Launching tomorrow, Father’s Day, Pura has created 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable baby wipes, available in flushable and non-flushable versions.

Pura’s ambition is to create products that help families care for their baby now, while also caring for their future. In short, parents can be confident that with Pura, they are making the best choice for their baby, their planet, and their pocket.

One of the UK’s most-loved personalities, Diversity star Ashley Banjo, has been announced as a Pura brand ambassador. Like a lot of new parents, choreographer and TV presenter Ashley, dad to daughter Rose and son Micah – who arrived at the start of lockdown – leapt headfirst into the huge and daunting baby care market. 

With a world of choices available, Ashley wanted to ensure that he made the right ones for his children, as well as for the environment. The Diversity star and Dancing on Ice judge, who has a science background, has always been interested in details, so is passionate about making the right choices. Like Pura, he believes that being eco-friendly is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.  

90% of the wipes currently sold in the UK contain plastic.

Despite us all watching Blue Planet aghast and reading news articles about environmental issues, so many of us fail to realise how much of an impact our own actions are making. Very few consumers realise, for example, that the wipes they are using contain plastic. Baby wipes were cited as one of the key contributors to the infamous London fatberg of 2017, where a mass weighing the same as 11 double-decker buses blocked a part of London’s sewage network. As for disposable nappies, it will take up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to fully decompose, leaving a damaging legacy to our children’s grandchildren.

Chaos caused by wipes in the sewage systems. Credit: Dadsnet

And that’s where Pura comes in. Pura puts babies first, with products that are soft and gentle on babies’ delicate skin, made with anti-allergy, natural and organic ingredients and combined with more sustainable materials. Good for baby, good for the planet. 

Alongside Ashley are a host of additional high profile partners and collaborators, including actress and radio presenter Gemma Atkinson, author, vlogger/presenter and creator of “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” Giovanna Fletcher, Nappicycle and the Woodland Trust

Pura co-founder Guy said: “We’re delighted to welcome Ashley to the Pura family. Like myself and Abi, he wants to motivate change and in doing so, leave the right legacy for our children. We would love to see everyone make the switch from plastic to plastic-free wipes. At Pura, we are working hard to make that happen.”

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Pura has also developed a proprietary ‘traffic light’ labelling system on its packaging. This simple system helps consumers understand at a glance whether the products are plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, flushable, and so on. Pura believes that knowing how your purchases impact the planet should be as simple to understand as the colour labelling on food – and the brand is calling on all brands to start using the system. 

Pura’s baby wipes are approved by midwives and are dermatologically and clinically tested. They are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, certified vegan and are accredited by the British Skin Foundation, Allergy UK, the FSC and the Soil Association. In fact, Pura is the most accredited baby care brand on the market. So parents can be sure they’re protecting their family’s skin, as well as their future. 

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Pura’s flushable baby wipes carry the UK Weatherboard’s Fine to Flush logo which is the new official standard in identifying which wet wipes can be flushed down the toilet safely. The baby wipes contain no allergens, perfume or chlorine, with only 99% water and organic aloe vera added. You don’t need to check the small print on Pura’s claims. It’s laid out clearly for all to see. 

In order to ensure that their products are as affordable as possible, Pura is ‘cutting out the middleman’ and selling their products direct-to-consumer at a price point that is on par with traditional disposable wipes and nappies and lower than leading sustainable brands.

Pura products are available for oneoff purchase and via subscription at, with free next day delivery, seven days a week. Consumers can choose the products that suit them best, opt for weekly or monthly deliveries, and change or cancel their order or subscription anytime. 

Subscribers to wipes and nappies will also receive a free copy of “Lily and the Wipe Monster“, a beautiful picture book created and funded by Pura. The book tells the story of Lily: a smart, caring girl who finds out her family has been flushing plastic wipes down the loo for years and embarks on a mission to make things right – with a little help from a very large and stinky new friend.

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Pura, 100% plastic-free baby wipes, available from, with free next day delivery

Pura. It’s time for a change.

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