Alternative Easter Egg Hunts

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We all know that the thrill of Easter is all in the hunt and you simply cannot go wrong with a straightforward game of hiding the chocolate eggs and finding them, but what if you’re after something different this year?

Worry not, my tradition breaking rebel friend – here are 5 alternative Easter egg hunts for you to try.

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1. Clues and Riddles

Great for older children or those who can read or love a challenge. Also good as doesn’t require kilos of chocolate so would be an easier hunt to do with a group if one of them has allergies or isn’t allowed chocolate (with a non-chocolate based prize at the end). If you want to do this for younger children you could simply draw a picture of the next place to go or make it even simpler for the artistically challenged parents and simply draw a shape they have to find next.

For added excitement you could add a storyline to it – has the Easter bunny lost her carrot and does she need some little detectives to help?
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The clues could be from her and your children could help solve the mystery of the missing carrot!
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2. Win Big

To maximise excitement levels hide one ‘golden egg’ in a more difficult place and tell the children that the golden egg comes with a bonus prize (preferably one that can be shared at the end!).

3. Incorporate another game in the hunt

Fill plastic eggs with charades or pictionary style clues and make the hunt into a two in one game, no moving on to the next egg until the charade has been correctly identified.

4. Play fair

One thing that is bound to cause arguments with my kids is the fact that one child (usually the eldest) will collect a large majority of the eggs. Make each child hunt for a different colour of egg to ensure they will be evenly distributed. Encourage the fastest finder to help find the other children’s eggs!

5. Think outside the egg

You don’t have to use an egg themed hunt at all. Treasure maps could lead to hidden treasure, tuff trays could be filled with sand and hidden dinosaurs or you could even just have a good old fashioned nature/scavenger hunt.

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Whatever hunt you decide to have, if any, I hope that you have a very Happy Easter!

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