Amazon Ring Video Doorbell: A Dad’s Ally in Home Management

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As fathers, we often find ourselves playing multiple roles – from the family’s handyman to the guardian of the home.

In this juggling act, the Ring Video Doorbell has emerged as a surprisingly effective ally, blending technology with the practical needs of a busy dad.

It’s essentially another pair of eyes to help you keep an eye on your home and a very effective pair of eyes at that! 

Installation – A Breeze for the DIY Dad

The Ring Video Doorbell makes installation a breeze. Even for dads who aren’t particularly tech-savvy, the step-by-step instructions are clear and straightforward. Being so quick to set up and install means you can get things going in no time. 

Design and Build – Robust and Stylish

Ring’s battery-powered and wired doorbells come in a sleek and modern design, making it a stylish addition to any front door. It’s not just about looks though; their weather-proof design is a necessary feature for the ever-changing, dreadfully wet, British weather.

Video and Audio Quality – Crystal Clear

One of the standout features is the video quality. The HD video (ranging from 1080p to 1536p) is impressively sharp, providing a clear view of whoever is at the door. Night vision ensures that this clarity is maintained even in the dead of night and the audio quality is equally impressive, facilitating clear two-way communication. (Perfect for sharing dad jokes with your postman!) Whether it’s instructing a delivery person or greeting a guest, the interaction is seamless.

App Integration – Your Front Door, on Your Phone

The integration with the Ring app is where the device truly excels. The ability to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door from your phone is incredibly convenient. For a dad who’s often multitasking, being able to handle doorstep matters from anywhere in the house, or even when away, is a real game-changer. I kid you not… I received the Tesco delivery from the bath last week!

Motion Detection – Stay Ahead of the Curve

Ring’s Customisable Motion and Privacy Zones add an additional layer of security. You’re not just aware of who’s at the door, but also of anyone approaching it. This feature can be customised to suit your home, reducing false alarms and ensuring you’re only receiving the alerts that are important to you.

Subscription Service – Worth the Extra?

While the doorbell functions well on its own, the optional subscription service, Ring Protect, enhances its capabilities. It provides up to 180 days of storage for your motion events which you can review, download and share at any time. This can be crucial in the event of a security incident. Whether or not the additional cost is worth it depends on your specific needs and security concerns. 

Price Point – An Investment in Peace of Mind

In terms of cost, Ring has options to suit different price points; With lower cost options such as Video Doorbell Wired and Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) as well as pro-tier options such as Battery Video Doorbell Pro. It’s an investment, but one that offers substantial returns in terms of convenience, security, and peace of mind. For dads looking to upgrade their home’s safety and manageability, it’s a worthy consideration.

In Summary

The Ring Video Doorbell is more than just a gadget; it’s a versatile tool that aids the modern dad in managing home security and daily interactions more effectively. It combines practicality with advanced technology, striking a balance that appeals to both the tech enthusiast and the pragmatic parent. In the bustling life of a dad, the Ring Video Doorbell stands as a reliable and helpful addition to the home.

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