We’re an Ambi Toy Ambassador!

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Last month we were very excited to be chosen as an Ambi Toy Ambassador. There are 11 Ambassadors in total and we are honoured to be included as part of such a great team.

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Ambi Toys (G.A.L.T) have been around for a long time and have always produced high quality children and baby toys. They design toys with the child in mind, rather than passing trends and fashions. Their aim is to produce good quality toys that help baby’s development and learning. This ethos alone is enough to make them stand apart from other toy manufacturers. I was staggered at how many toys there are knocking about our play room, that are made by Ambi. In fact, you’ll probably have plenty of toys already in your toy chest made by them and you probably don’t realise it!

It’s fantastic to be working with this great company and we can’t wait to get going. Neither can Ted!

Our first toy to test out and use was of course, a toy car garage. 3 cars, 3 garages and some bright colours! Perfect! At 11 months, toys are just starting to become significant. Before, the box would have sufficed as good enough entertainment but now he is starting to actually ‘play.’ These cars are brilliant for him learning the art of playing because they’re simple. He pushes the cars around and makes the loveliest brmmmmmm noises. Ok, he doesn’t quite manage to reverse park them into the garage yet, but there’s plenty of time. (Jen still can’t reverse park our car, so there’s no rush for him!) If your little one is anything like ours, the cars will get thrown. This isn’t a problem though as they are built to last. Just like a good VW! The sturdiness of this toy is a real positive. At this young age they need to stand the test of time, and a good throwing, and this toy certainly will.

The garage is great fun to play with and use your imagination but is also a great learning tool. As a teacher this is a win, win. As Ted gets older we can use the toy for colour matching and memory games. I know it will be a key feature in Ted’s toy box for a long time.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good car set for younger babies, this is the one for you. The Ambi Toys Lock Up Garage was a great choice for us!

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  1. Gerry Jones

    Hi, I’d like to become an Ambassador for you guys but the link was giving me a security alert.

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