Samantha Bee Anti-vaxxers

American Comedian Slams Down the Anti-Vaxx Movement

It’s dumb to form medical opinions on a false study by an unlicensed doctor.

Samantha Bee

As the number of confirmed measles cases across Europe tripled last year, according to WHO, there are constantly organisations trying to remind parents how vital it is to get their children vaccinated.

And American comedian, Samantha Bee, is joining in as well as she hits Anti-Vaxxers where it hurts in a new episode of her show. (American cases of measles is also on the rise!)

It’s dumb to form medical opinions on a false study by an unlicensed doctor,” the comedian explained, referencing Andrew Wakefield’s famously proven-inaccurate research.

She then shared some of the statistics around vaccinations. For example…

So far during 2019 in the USA 387 cases of measles have been reported throughout 15 states. And 3 of those states have declared a state of emergency.

Samantha then stated that,

The biggest problem is a failure to understand that vaccines are a public health issue.

In America, there are currently anti-vaxx bills proposed in 20 states, despite research proving how impactful and vital vaccines are.

Who are you going to believe: leading authorities on medical science or 800 memes on your cousins Facebook page?

She went on to say that vaccines are,

…one of the most incredible scientific achievements in human history that keep our children from dying unnecessary painful deaths while positively contributing to the overall well-being of society.

We know that vaccinations split opinions, but what are your thoughts?

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