To my son’s first teachers

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To Amy, Chloe, Claire and Sharon,

On the 6th January 2017 we passed our precious baby boy from our arms into yours. In over two and a half years he had never been left alone with anyone other than his Nanny and his Grandma.
On that first day we both sat in the car for the twenty minutes we were without him. We didn’t dare move from the car parked right outside the nursery entrance! The next time we left him we forced ourselves to let him stay for a full hour and we actually managed to get out the car and walk to a local coffee shop. We ordered a coffee and, obviously I ordered some food! Jen didn’t touch her coffee. She sat trying not to cry as we both sat together in silence, overwhelmed by the sensation of leaving Teddy somewhere new for so long.
Gradually, very gradually, you helped us increase the time that Teddy stayed with you. The ‘clinginess’ was always from us, not him, and we knew that we needed to try and let go. You were all pivotal in allowing us to feel comfortable enough to loosen the strings and let him be. To let him explore and play and learn with others.
We knew that in your hands he was in the best place he could possible be. 
11 months later and here we are. Saying goodbye. Cliche as it is, I have no idea where that year has gone. What I do know is that Ted’s year with you has been extraordinarily wonderful. He has been surrounded by teachers that we couldn’t have hand-picked better! Teachers that treat Teddy as their own. Teachers that display incredible patience as well as never ending kindness and love.
Teddy has had so much fun and learnt so many things. One thing is for sure, he adores you all. You are regularly in his conversations and have become a huge part of his life, and ours. The role you play in a toddler’s development is an enormous one, and you are all above and beyond any expectations we had prior to Ted starting nursery. 
As our rainbow baby we have an overwhelming desire to keep Teddy our baby, to slow time down and cherish every day with him and not miss a minute. But with all the will in the world, that’s just not possible and with each day he grows a little further away from being our baby. As he tells us on a daily basis, he’s now a ‘big boy’ and as much as it pains us, we need to accept that Teddy is ready for these steps. Even if we aren’t.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Thank you for helping us feel able to let go a little.
Thank you for making Teddy feel safe and comfortable and happy.
Thank you for your humour, your understanding and your patience.
Thank you for looking after our precious boy and for providing him with the most incredible first step.
We will never forget you and all that you have done for Teddy and for us as a family.
With our love and deepest gratitude,
Al & Jen
‘Those parents!’
P.S. We owe you one hell of a ball of blu TAC to replace all the tiny bits he’s picked off your displays! He’s collected them altogether over the year has has pretty much a tennis ball of blu TAC now
P.P.S. we also owe you lots of googly eyes. They seem to have some sort of magnetism towards his pockets.

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