best car for the school run

Are these the best new cars for the school run?

Goodbye summer, hello school run.

Yep, it’s that time of the year where the kids head back to school — perhaps a time of celebration for those parents looking forward to having quiet afternoons back, or misery at the prospect of getting up early to shuttle them in for an early start.

Your choice of car can make or break the ease or enjoyment of the trip to school. Be you a first-time runner, or an experienced veteran of dropping the kids off, you’re likely here to pick out the best car for the start of term. We pick out some options…

SsangYong Turismo

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Got lots of kids to take on the school run? The SsangYong Turismo might be the perfect car for you. This affordable MPV puts space and practicality above all else — and is capable of seating seven adults, let alone kids, in good comfort. Better still, if you can forego the rear row, there’s enough room in the boot to load as many school bags and packed lunches as you can imagine.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

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If you want your kids to be the talk of the playground, a Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo could be the way to go. This machine from Stuttgart boasts all the usual Porsche trademarks — calculated but head-turning looks, an impressive driving experience and tremendous engines — but comes with an added dose of practicality too. Once you’ve dropped the kids off, you can go off to make an equally interesting impression in the work car park too.

Skoda Kodiaq

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When it comes to an SUV that can do just about everything in a pleasant and easy manner, the Skoda Kodiaq is the way to go. Available with five- or seven-seats, it’s a versatile option for families of all sizes with enough boot space to support an entire school trip to the beach.

Suzuki Jimny

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Let’s face it, the prospect of getting up to take the kids to school is not something many people are excited at the thought of. If you can sacrifice some space, though, why not get a motor that’s bound to put a smile on your face each time? Step in the Suzuki Jimny – perhaps the most cheerful car on sale. The dinky Japanese 4×4 is a real bundle of joy, and is bound to get the seal of approval from your kids, their mates and other parents.

Ford Focus ST

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Hot hatches are the perfect car for the petrolhead parent. Based on regular family cars, they’re practical and can seat kids in comfort — yet hide enough performance to scare more exotic machinery on a tight back road. Ford’s new Focus ST is our pick of the bunch, boasting more power, more tech and arguably better looks than ever before.


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Want to help cut down on local emissions, but need a practical car that would rule out most electric options? Consider the MG ZS EV. This affordable crossover packs an electric powertrain that’s said to allow for 163 miles between charges — more than enough as an urban runaround — while boasting an impressive 470 litres of boot space.

Alright, so I guess these are all fairly pricey cars… so what’s your family car of choice?

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