Arsenal vs Liverpool : Time with daddy

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Having spent the afternoon smelling the strong smell of old cigarettes, cheap aftershave and glory, at the Arsenal vs Liverpool game, I have been thinking about how wonderful it will be to take my (probable) boy to the football. There were a few dads there with their children, (mainly boys), and it was great to see father & son bonding over common interest. It’s a bit bizarre how it’s acceptable for general parental standards to slip slightly, particularly with regards to the fruity language on display. I doubt many dads would allow their 8 year old to watch a film containing the colourful language you hear at a football match, yet I’m sure I will find myself smirking and whispering in the boys ear, “it’s ok, just don’t repeat it.” 

It is so important for dads to find a common interest with their child and spend time, just the two of them doing it. I can’t wait to find out what it will be for the probable boy and myself! Hopefully any number of sporting activities, perhaps a common love of photography, maybe even a guilty pleasure of 80’s hair rock n roll. Just a matter of time to find out, but I certainly am looking forward to whatever lies in wait. 


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  1. Anonymous

    I have just found your blog and having read through your posts find it refreshing to see how enthusiastic and attentive you are to your wife and this pregnancy, in this day and age when marriage is discarded so quickly and fathers leave behind children to be brought up in a single parent family while they create new lives and move on, I think you will put a positive slant to new fathers reading this, well done and good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, I look forward to your updates.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that my happiness and enthusiasm is so evident in my writing. It really helps when you’ve got a wife who is equally attentive and loving. Journeying with the right person is so important and it’s great that my wife and I are such a good team, we feel very lucky to have found each other. I hope the blog will be a resource for fathers in all types of situations so please share my blog with as many of your friends as you can. Also, please vote for the blog by clicking on the ‘top baby blogs’ link. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response I have had to the blog; being invited to make guest posts and the sheer number of visitors. Thanks again. Enjoy your reading.

  2. Anonymous

    It is so lovely to follow the journey of a couple as they eagerly anticipate a baby who was planned together and is so wanted. I look forward to hearing more, good or bad, to give those of us who are married and planning a baby together an idea of how it is. Good luck to you (and your wife!)

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