Au Bonheur des Mômes - Child Friendly Festival in France, Artistes et enfants © G. Piel OT Le Grand Bornand%, lifestyle%

Au Bonheur des Mômes – Child Friendly Festival in France

Starting this Sunday, the biggest youth arts festival hits the mountain villages close to Annecy in France.

ABDM_Affiche-2016 © Kaviiik

The village of Le Grand Bornand hosts ‘Au Bonheur des Momes’ – in its 25th year – over 100 arts groups descend on this ancient little village that The Dad Network visited just before Christmas last year. This time, it’s not about adrenaline outdoor sports, more theatre workshops, arts and crafts and the ideal setting to take children into the mountains for some culture and entertainment.

Festival ABDM © G. Piel - Le Grand-Bornand

We love these images that have come through to us here at The Dad’s Network, ones we hope to see in person next summer!

Festival ABDM © G. Piel-OT Le Grand-Bornand


Artistes et enfants © G. Piel-OT Le Grand-Bornand

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